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  1. coming up with pet names for the actual assholes of the women I date. Example, I'm dating Julie, but her asshole's name is Penny. "Is it ok if I visit Penny tonight?"

  2. Great question. I buy these every weekend.

  3. Serious question. Do you still have that silver spoon from when you were growing up? Wondering if your parents let you keep. Im sure with all your life's hard work and amazing saving you've done it may of been lost.

  4. Then end I'd near my friend, put your affairs in order, a new console will be needed soon.

  5. 94% chance this will be a regrettable purchase.

  6. 120 hr fast is my personal favorite.

  7. What what happens in 2 years when boyfriend wants out of this controlling family ? Parents going to cut him a check? rent free?

  8. This thread is full of idiots who married someone who would have sex with them.

  9. Today is your lucky day. For whatever reason you and I have crossed paths and I'm going to provide you with some information that will increase your overall quality of life.

  10. Not sure what your weight-loss journey consists of, but online

  11. Congrats. Life is a f'nk grind man. Keep rolling.

  12. Cutting the wires off the book scene was awesome.

  13. Ya, terrible company taking money from communities pockets.

  14. Respectfully, this question is silly.

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