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  1. Problem is here in UK, its all digitised with a National Health App. So people check your paper with the NHS database.

  2. You need to find an agreeable doctor who will get everything in order without actually giving you the shots. Definitely worth asking around for. I know this sounds bad, but immigrant doctors who mostly treat low-income patients will be more reasonable.

  3. Yeah, and consider that in Canada they’re talking about medically assisted suicide for the mentally ill. So if it comes to pass that the government gets to decide who’s mentally ill, and the government also gets to “encourage” the mentally ill to kill themselves… we might be in trouble.

  4. Well you have to be "mentally ill" to live on the streets, right? Nazi Germany put homeless people into camps attempting to reform them, but euthanizing them just seems a lot cheaper and easier.

  5. Good in theory, but it seems like paid posters, propagandists, and bad-faith actors may outnumber genuine users at this point.

  6. Not just this sub. Commons is far worse! Other alternative subs are also infested with these people who just insult the people who post there. Strange how moderators allow this, but if you go to a mainstream sub you get banned just for having contrary opinions or posting factual information that counters the narrative.

  7. If you think that you will get AIDS, what price is worth that? What price is worth cancer?

  8. Seeing a guy i know get the shot this year to go to canada, now his cancer from 30 years ago came back and spread. Has blood transfusions weekly, so i would say nothing would sway me.

  9. At worst the shots are a death sentence, at best you are playing Russian Roulette. I have to imagine that everyone who took the shots do not really believe that they are dangerous. It is not hard to get a vaccine card without actually getting the shot.

  10. Ignore those who just come on this sub to insult the people who post here. Every alternative sub on Reddit is infested with these idiots.

  11. That's because natural immunity to a degree is not misinformation.

  12. When you say "horse dewormers" you have to be a bot or an extremely stupid person. So....which is it?

  13. Oh shit, I didn't realize I was communicating with a Doctor. I apologize Dr. Deepfinger. Where did you study?

  14. You do not need to go to medical school to know that ivermectin has been used by humans for the last 35 years. What is your motivation for spreading disinformation here? Are you one of those Media Matters trolls, or are you just one of those really dumb people who post on

  15. So much evil in one room. This right here is the rotting corruption infesting the U.S. Government.

  16. what im actually trying to do is wake dinguses like you up. im trying to get people to let go of silly stuff like this and focus on real conspiracies. im trying to get silly people like some of you guys to stop so people stop labeling conspiracy people as crazy. but sure im just trolling. believe whatever you want but just know all that silly stuff just drags us all down

  17. You believe men walked on the moon in 1969 and you are here telling us to stop believing "silly stuff" and focus on "real" conspiracies. I think you need another COVID booster shot.

  18. I'm appalled that multiple people on here are more concerned for OP than for the man who was in so much pain he took his own life- and during THANKSGIVING too. Sure it sucks that OP lost money in this situation, but a man lost his life and a family lost a son, and possibly a brother, father, uncle, or husband. Even if she'd never met him before he started working on her house, OP could at least send her condolences to the family and try to make the grieving process as easy for them as possible by giving them his belongings. If a man died on my front lawn, the money I paid him would be the least of my concerns. And you never know, maybe if the family gets his belongings back and are able to properly grieve, they'll come back to the situation with fresh eyes and help OP find a way to get their money back. Of course atm they don't care about the money, all they care about right now is moving on from this traumatic situation, and rightfully so.

  19. Sorry, but only a real POS scumbag would kill himself at someone else's house. I have zero sympathy for people who would do that. If I was OP I would be very angry about this.

  20. Starlink internet phones would interest people. Musk could have something good here.

  21. Didn't Saturday night Live only start doing reruns in like 2019-2020 when they were in financial trouble?

  22. SNL has been doing reruns for decades, but usually they cut some bad/boring skits and make it a one-hour show.

  23. SS: This post is to add light to an oddly timing of suicide during an historical event.

  24. Either they were silenced, or they were government agents posing as police with fake names.

  25. If this was to reduce light pollution, then why are they lying about it? "Manufacturer defect" might have worked as an excuse when people first noticed them, but this is all over the world going on years now.

  26. It was shown to be a hoax or part of a movie or something

  27. Stanley Kubrick director's cut of the moon landing had the alien scenes.

  28. I noticed "items that are considered obscene" which seems a little vague, like "I will know it when I see it" kind of judgment.

  29. Look how much has been written about Batman. He must be real or based on something real, right? Roman history during the time of Jesus had no mention of the guy, so he was not even Batman-level famous in that era.

  30. SS: ever since that day we don't choose our leaders. They are chosen for us by the elites who run the world

  31. This was an actual coup d'etat, and nobody at the time realized it. Ever since then it has been a gang of thugs running the country. This is why both parties support war and are against freedom.

  32. Look at the parade route, too. Instead of continuing on main street towards the freeway and the Trade Mart, they take a sharp right on Houston Street and a left on Elm Street.

  33. The original plan was for him to go down main street. Look who was behind changing the route at the last minute to go through the city filled with sniper nest options.

  34. I really thought more people would get the joke. There was a story all over Reddit recently about a young woman who killed and skinned a husky thinking it was a wolf pup.

  35. The dog may have been skinned by some inexperienced hunter who thought she killed a wolf pup.

  36. Does he realize this stunt could have cost him his life? He could be getting thrown off a building screaming for the police, only to realize that they ARE the police!

  37. Distance looks fine, it's between your slow reaction or the brake pads are going bad.

  38. I was going to say brakes too. Looks like he tried to brake but it was not happening.

  39. There’s been 111 fewer deaths this year than this time last year. Lowest since 2019.

  40. Keep in mind that over the last two years victims of homicide were sometimes listed as COVID deaths.

  41. Most of the mainstream tard subs are full of bots, giving pro-narrative threads thousands of upvotes to keep them trending at the top of feeds. If Elon Musk bought Reddit and shut down the spambots, it would be a whole different place.

  42. Chemtrails are like UFOs. The debate is not whether they are real, but what is inside of them. This has been going on right over our heads for the last 25 years, so people denying reality are either very dishonest or very stupid.

  43. Never forget how America was deceived! During the 2001 divisional playoff game between the New England Patriots and the Oakland Raiders, Raiders cornerback Charles Woodson tackled Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, causing what initially appeared to be a fumble that was recovered by Raiders' linebacker Greg Biekert. If the decision had remained a fumble, it would have almost certainly sealed the game for Oakland. Officials improperly used the "Tuck Rule" to cheat the Raiders and give the win to the Patriots, to give America a feel-good moment after 9/11. Of course the Patriots go on to have their dynasty, helped greatly by the men in striped shirts.

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