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  1. fish wire or dental floss soaked in IPA should work

  2. I’m the left picture for both :3 call me a casual or whatever but atleast I’ll be having fun :)

  3. drop your pants in front of them to assert dominance

  4. my g i used the bathroom more than 5 times a week going to school thats bs

  5. I couldn't quite read what it says on the label, ima just assume it says fisher price

  6. How is this as a conversation starter, and then you consider possibly what you are going to do about the gpu:

  7. On a lark, would you want to discuss possibly buying my system off me? Literally the one I am posting this on right now. You can see what it consists of here, by-and-large:

  8. ehhh nah i dont think ill buy off you (nothing personal) good offer though

  9. waltuh put your dick away waltuh i dont wanna have sex with you rn waltuh

  10. fr tea will always be better than that coffee bullshit yall drink

  11. from what im gathering something something gay 13 yr vs homo mom yada yada yada

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