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AITA for telling my sister to stop trying to make my wedding all about her?

I'm genuinely flabbergasted.

Hold up, what was that?

I'm not mad, I'm just disappointed.

A sense of impending doom

Are you being serious right now?

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  1. Couples counseling? This is far more than just a relationship issue, their relationship should really be the least of their concerns here.

  2. Yes but from what she says he is denying there is an issue so the chances of her getting him to go on his own are slight. That is why I said that a good counselor would see the underlying issue.

  3. I'm going to ignore the age gap, since other commenters have already addressed that one, and tbh, my advice would be the same even if you were exactly the same age.

  4. This is very well said. If the Dad was able to cheat I would think he is also capable of taking care of himself. OP please listen to what this poster said. If the Dad does need someone to take care of him what does that entail? Cooking, cleaning, laundry sure, but does it also mean helping to feed or bathe him? Maybe not now but would it mean that in the future? I'm sorry for the OP but we cannot offer magic words that will change the boyfriend's mind about this. Her choices are unfortunately accept it or leave.

  5. Usually plays characters that are not that bright. In reality is very smart "Lundgren received a degree in chemical engineering from the KTH Royal Institute of Technology in the early 1980s and a master's degree in chemical engineering from the University of Sydney in 1982. "

  6. The worst part was highlighted in one comment that effectively said, when the SIL asked what food the wife wanted at the kid venue, OP responded, they'd sent in their request with their RSVP. This indicates the brother and SIL knew they were excluding the wife for months, as catering is planning months before the wedding. And yet they waited til the rehearsal to inform OP his wife was excluded due to her disability.

  7. The catering is a big indication that this is fake. The SIL wouldn't have to ask what the wife wanted because she would know from them filling out the card.

  8. The original post sounds like rage bait, because I do not think the poster would not know that they would be trashed for this. However, I do believe these incidences do exist and people like the OOP won't change their wedding because they don't really object to the parents racism.

  9. It would be nice for you to do this but you would also not be wrong if you just don't want the bother anymore. One consideration is that the little girl is six. She had been told she would be a bridesmaid and then told she would not be one. How will she take it if she is standing at the back with the other little girls, they are dressed as attendants and she is not, then she does not get to walk with them? Some six year-olds, won't notice. Some would rather dress different and walk first with your mom. Others might have a complete breakdown at not being with the others. How do you think this particular little girl will act.

  10. Paying a porn star for sex isn't an "affair".

  11. Stormy was very clear that he did not pay her for sex. He paid her after to not tell the media that they had sex.

  12. So you’re telling me she slept with him just because? Gross

  13. Do you like old movies? Not the same but along a similar vein. Heaven Can Wait (1943) with Don Ameche. He tells his life story to Satan to explain why he thinks he belongs in hell.

  14. He is 27 years old and this is how he has been for the last three years. Doesn't matter if how he acts has anything to do with autism or not. This is how he is. If this is how you see the rest of your life then stay dating him. If not, then continue to not talk and get on with your life.

  15. Multiple campuses under the same umbrella? Like the University of Phoenix here in the US has over 10 campuses across the US. My university has 5.

  16. But that is part of my issue with her breakdown. In your example all those campuses are still in the same country. So for the North American school, which country gets the primary campus? Do they get to set the curriculum for the schools in the other two countries?

  17. My university doesn't have a primary campus. It's more about designating funds to where they're most needed. Think how there are local, state, and federal governments. Along with multiple school districts within a state. You have varying levels of autonomy at each level. While I'm almost certain the map was ill prepared and many of us are giving it more credit than it's due, we can also agree that there are already systems in place that work. Both outcomes can be right: a haphazardly drawn map, but actually can work.

  18. Also a Canadian and I caught that too. Yes there can be some costs during cancer treatment, for instance my mom paid extra for medications to help with nausea. The amount is not super excessive, especially for someone who is suppose to be rich. So either he is lying or he is paying for treatments that are most likely quackery.

  19. "Chose the safety of your children"? The brother in law had already spent the night when the new born was in the house, no concern about him harming that child? BIL reacted to the implication that he cannot be trusted around children.

  20. He mentioned “I tried to explain the whole situation to her and that I forgot but she hung up”

  21. But he hasn't told us that he tried to reach out to her after that. IF he had been sending her texts trying to patch things up would he have not mentioned that?

  22. Maybe he was depressed in which case I'm sympathetic and hope he gets help. He also might have just not been telling the truth about that either. I personally would move on.

  23. So if he says he could solve it in 24 hours, why doesn't he? Without of course giving Ukraine to Russia. If he did that he would be assured that the GOP would have him as their candidate and he would have a chance at winning. Come on DJT Sr. show the lefties and prove you can do this.

  24. Only 32 comments and already 2 different commenters jumped on that age gap OOP snuck in there. Never change, AITA.

  25. I noticed the ages as well and thought this was an bait to get AITA to vote a 39 year old who dated a 21 year old NTA.

  26. He cheated and they got divorced. Isn't better for her to know that if they have children and he cheats that he would make sure she and the children are well taken care of?

  27. I heartily agree with what you said. Kaitlyn Dever was outstanding as the young woman falsely charged with lying about the assault. The way the character was treated, not only by the police but by those who said they were friends was heartbreaking and at times very very hard to watch.

  28. There used to be an age requirement of 25 to be able to rent a car (not sure if that’s still applicable) and make sure you have enough room on your credit card to cover the deposit which varies from a few hundred to a thousand depending on the company. ALWAYS buy the insurance, even if you think your credit card covers it. I have a cautionary tale of a friend who spent 15 years paying off a $35K bill from a rental car that he failed to buy insurance for because he thought it was covered by his credit card. He let some other person drive it and they totalled it. He was on the hook for the entire cost. I believe at the time the insurance would have been less than $40.

  29. So the mistake was not so much using the credit card for the insurance, but letting someone else drive the car without knowing that that would invalidate the insurance. This is an important cautionary tale for all insurance. Read the policy and know what it covers.

  30. She is going to be annoying? You may as well have some fun. "We were thinking of going for a fairytale wedding. I'm searching for horse drawn carriages" "We are going to have (then say either very very few people or an extremely large number, whichever with annoy her the most" Is there something you really like? That is now the theme of the wedding. Everyone must dress to go with the theme, the more outlandish the better. Change the plan every time she asks.

  31. Well if they wrote to AITA looking for support they are not really getting it. One or two people agree with the OOP but those people have all been downvoted. Everyone else is that this person is wrong.

  32. Is there a song called 'I am an attention-craving fuckwit'?

  33. She is already the bride about to walk down the aisle. There are few things in life that get you less attention.

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