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  1. Last time I flew the VA bag drop area at Brisbane Airport was a complete mess, giant lines that took forever to get through. The Security was nice and quick by comparison.

  2. Yeah, I def prefer qantas international… and with the changes that VA have made to my flights and lack of customer support I won’t book with them again…

  3. Don't worry, Virgin will probably just cancel the flight on you like they did me. No need to worry then right

  4. Muffins are good but Crumpets are the go!

  5. Add a slice of cheese on top of that buttery, Vegemitey goodness…

  6. Pretty short sighted though. I have absolutely switched companies based on call centre response times.

  7. This, and very slow caller robot prompts that than place you on hold

  8. Ahhh, those ones fuck me right off!!! I ring back twice as angry…

  9. Worst case scenario there usually a way around any closures surely. This flloods recently were a very rare event

  10. She has a gorgeous soul (Atleast from what we see on TV) which is what really makes her shine…

  11. Since learning about her infamous relative, her defensiveness makes sense to me. I think the idea of being aggressive must be really scary to her because of her relation to such a brutal, murderous man. She must really want to define herself as a gentle and good person, not having inherited that malice in any way.

  12. I think you misunderstood everything I wrote

  13. Having it year round would be fine, it's the changing of the time's back and forth that fucks people up medically and logistically

  14. I (from QLD) just don’t understand it…. I used to hate visiting Sydney and trying to convince my kids it was bed time and the sun was still up…

  15. I think if you are correct, she made a mistake picking Dom, she picked the toughest competitor of them all…

  16. Boo. This absolutely shit take is a prime example of why living in today's society is becoming so difficult and why things are not changing.

  17. Well said… whilst I think the OP may need to leave the dog with mum and dad to increase the rental chances, you are absolutely right about not attacking each other…

  18. My mum used to travel 80 minutes each way for work 13 days a fortnight. Hubby now commutes 40 minutes up to 3 hours (in Sydney traffic) to the office. We live where we can afford to

  19. I used to drive an hour each way 6 days a week… it’s just what happens sorry… we picked a place closer to my wife’s work and I would spend hours driving everyday…

  20. It was on… I turned it off and on again and noticed mobile roaming was off, so turned that on…

  21. Whether or not Olivia has some exceptionally bad qualities which after watching the show it’s hard to deny. Condemning her for being a bully while bullying her is vile. There is no need to try to contact someone personally when you do not know them personally. We know them through the 4th wall of an edited TV Show and their behavior is not directly affecting our lives. Enjoy the show - dislike the character but stay away from feeling you have a right to personally contact and attack someone. This is objectively wrong. Whatever you think of her we don’t know what’s at the core of this behavior it could be extreme vulnerability (often people who attack like this are extremely insecure and it’s a protection mechanism) and this could make her more likely to have things like suicidal ideation. Learn from what you don’t like in Olivia’s behavior and be kind instead of being cruel.

  22. I believe she deserves back lash… but personally contacting her is too far…

  23. TBH, I think a lot of the reaction is from seeing Olivia get her 'happy ending' with seemingly no consequence for her cunty, petulant behaviour, especially with producers reportedly giving her a 'kind' edit in hopes people will ease up. There are now an unfortunate few who have apparently taken it upon themselves to ensure "justice" is served by bullying/threatening her which is obviously not the way to go.

  24. Well said… I agree… as for the bullying… don’t be a bully and maybe you won’t get bullied back???

  25. It’s not my intention to drive up prices. I just want to live there.

  26. It’s ok… I’m just being bitter that I’ve been priced out…

  27. I feel for you. I’ve got two kids who I worry for. I wish I could do something about affordability.

  28. There are some good choices of private schools around Willowvale too.

  29. What the fuck… why is the fireplace and mantle off centre… sorry… no one is going to notice that tv… the fireplace is messing with my head too much…

  30. I have yet to find a good Thai place 😩 I tried chiangmai and rate it 3/10. I have been to Siam Purity and all though I’m not a vegan I do rate it 6.5/10. Bangkok Thai wasn’t too bad also 6.5/10 but not somewhere that I’m always craving. It’s hard as I spent a month in Thailand so I find myself comparing the places here to there. I think also a lot of the restaurants here try to accomodate australian flavours so less spice, seasoning etc., which is what Thai food is all about!

  31. I wasn’t a fan! Lacked flavour, I had to add salt because it was bland.

  32. Yeah wow… again, it’s another one I haven’t been to in years…

  33. To anyone saying he should move on… I agree, but it’s easy to say that… Daniel likely provokes the tirade … and given his lack of remorse, it would grate at you too if you were in Dion’s shoes…

  34. I will go one further and say High Speed rail from Gold Coast Airport to Brisbane Airport!

  35. Population density… we don’t have it. So high speed rail won’t be a thing here for ages.

  36. even if the high-speed rain comes, it would be like $50 from the airport to Brisbane CBD.

  37. Ha Jack refusing to chuck a "but" or "however" in his vows. Screw your contract 9!

  38. I did notice this too… hasn’t he been played off as a great guy… well, a great guy that isn’t great in bed though…🤔

  39. A little unusual… usually something to identify if it is an offset etc etc.

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