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  1. There is no ethical consumption under capitalism so i might as well have a coke while i cope

  2. I'm almost 60 years old and never even thought of drawing a swastika. I hope your little brother gets the help he needs.

  3. People hide bigotry behind comedy almost as often as they hide it behind religion.

  4. The thing is though, to Dave Chappelle die hards, and to TERFs and transphobes, it is deep, its "genius", they treat him more as a truth teller more than they really had belly laughs that are so hilarious they need to show everyone.

  5. I find him super funny and honestly couldnt care less if some asshole terf finds some deep profound meaning in it

  6. No offence but i think you may have several ghosts and demons in your house after taking this doll in

  7. Aww hell nah, at 13 i was building houses in minecraft and doing my math homework dawg 😭😭😭😭

  8. I fail to see the problem with lgbt winning over religion

  9. Take the title out of context now

  10. As a one off that dose is fine, but it is probably excessive in the long run, and you should reduce your dose down to 0.1 ml (4 mg) from now on. You might be able to make further adjustments, but that's a good starting point for now.

  11. Well, I wouldn't have made the comment if I wasn't pretty sure. If you've got a specific concern then please say so, and will answer it tomorrow morning.

  12. That i have a vial of estrogen hidden in a box of condoms

  13. Can we finally let people enjoy the game and not persecute them for playing it jesus christ

  14. Until my package was seized around a month ago I ordered from otokonoko to Poland without issues (since them I’m making my own gel). From newsletter it seems that shipping to Poland should be back. Email her and she’ll probably respond within a few days.

  15. The thing is, getting it from otokonoko comes up to $90 and i cant afford that. Even $50 is pushing it but i can spend that much. 90 is a no go

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