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  1. You hope you don’t have to pay for the Season 2 Battle Pass? Why wouldn’t you pay for it?

  2. Why pay another $100? There’s little to no content, little to no customization, forge won’t be ready until who knows when. This game is stale so far. Paying another hundred would be a ripoff. I’m not going to pay another $100 for a bonus challenge and some stale armor

  3. who is paying a hundred dollars for the BP lmfao it’s ten bucks

  4. I’m talking about the premium battle pass. I think it was like $50-80 bucks? I’m not sure it’s been a while. I think I paid $100 for the credits to purchase the premium battle pass

  5. Probably J. Cole’s top ten song of all time

  6. I didn't mind Behemoth swat kicks. But BRhemoth is awful. Never got manglers on it so I can't say

  7. Manglers on behemoth was brutal 😂😂 everyone was below

  8. It’s a fast pace game sometimes. Your aiming does improve, especially with the sidekick (I hate the sidekick btw)

  9. That’s harsh. I though you only got banned for quitting games in ranked?

  10. Sounds like it St. patty’s day parade today and busses are gonna be backed up

  11. H3, H1, H2, Reach, Infinite, H5, H4

  12. Oh my. I would sold my Xbox lol

  13. First time playing swat in infinite just for this event and its sidekicks. BRs is a lot more fun with sidekick shots hit their neck or right by the head and they dont count.

  14. They’re adding commandos and stalker rifles next week

  15. This event exposed how terrible the sidekick is. Since launch, I never enjoyed the sidekick. The bloom is awful and it’s weak. Luck is on my side if I get a multi kill with the sidekick.

  16. You just have to take it game by game. I got a back smack in my 3rd swat game. You have to let the game come to you. If you’re out there looking for back smacks you will have a hard time getting one. Maybe in one of your lobbies you encounter someone inactive.

  17. funny how you're comparing it to H5

  18. Really? Maybe I haven’t noticed. (I haven’t played H5 in a minute). I just rarely had that issue with H5. On infinite, I just feel the aim gets wild when there’s a cluster of enemies, specifically during stronghold. Maybe it just me. Maybe my aim is trash lol

  19. I’m surprised it didn’t desync. Very impressive.

  20. I’m actually impressed that you didn’t walk through the enemies. You have skills!

  21. Dude this shit happens all the time for me. I don’t even bother try to melee anymore. Shits so frustrating. Sometimes I even walk through players while trying to melee

  22. Some games I feel invincible and other games I am shooting nerf guns. I can only assume the good games that I have, the opposing team is experiencing the nerf gun effect and probably raging.

  23. The hydra shoots nerfs. Damn near shoots blanks when I use it.

  24. Halo 3 had a headshot multiplier. It was great! But you know, shit changes 🙄

  25. Agreed. I recommend walking more. If you are going to sprint, start sliding. When you slide, your movement is fast and you can aim.

  26. Tell me that you’re a racist without telling that you’re a racist

  27. Bro I’m in plat 3 and I always get gold/high silver on my team while the opponents are full onyx

  28. Rockets are OP as well. Lord forbid you match up against Jun

  29. I had high hope for the commando. Probably top 3 more disappointing weapons in the game. The DMR was lethal

  30. I’m surprised it didn’t bug out as you kicked him off 🙄

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