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  1. TBH at least she addressed it and I'm going to give her a one time pass that she didn't know.

  2. I agree, but don’t her and Lisa follow this guy on Instagram? That wasn’t a random fan.

  3. I thought Ginny’s hair was STUNNING this season. I’m shocked y’all didn’t like it honestly

  4. hi! how did this go for you? what was after care like?

  5. I’m sorry about your brother. I’m surprised your doctor started him on Ozempic as it’s not FDA approved for Type 1 diabetes.

  6. I’m a type 1 diabetic and also confused. There’s nothing about that drug that does a thing for type 1 from my understanding and… logic.

  7. Seriously. She has to know that if she doesn’t say what happened but vaguely eluded to it being something she “can’t talk about”, everyone is going to assume that someone hit her, and speculate about who it is for the rest of the season (and by not saying but inviting Jen to her room, she’s making it look like it was Whitney). It is not NOT cool. It’s really making me mad, actually.

  8. I haven’t watched yet, so basically it’s another instance of a RH show teasing some big confrontation and then refusing to show it? 😡

  9. I know. I just felt that clearly writing out the fictional scenario would be cathartic - and it kind of was lol. I didn’t think that it would get so much more significantly worse as the years went on… foolish of me.

  10. Oh and all the while he’s seeing another woman that he met on social media himself, talking about how beautiful she is and planning a trip to see her …… and then a few weeks later flies out to assault his wife for even having a social media account at all.

  11. It’s not really a plot line lost per se, but Luke and Lorelai’s timeline of knowing each other. It’s said multiple times that her and Rory have known Luke for 8 years or something like that, but they’ve lived in that tiny town since Rory was a baby.

  12. Maybe you should start your own unique group and call it spinsters. Where all the ladies and guys over 35 that have no kids meet up for brunch,bbq's, and games etc. it's really hard to make friends at this age but not impossible. Plus covid pretty much changed the world literally. So everyone's cliqued up with their people. Good luck

  13. Another person on this thread created a Reddit group, it’s linked in some comments. I think it’s about crafts but people are joining to figure out ways to meet up. I’m not suuuper into crafting but I think it’s a great place for all of us to start planning something

  14. We'd probably have to meet outdoors at a park with lots of tables, something like McKinley or Tahoe Park.

  15. Hey!!! I’m the OP from the previous post and so excited about this group! Thank you 🙏

  16. How is this not being talked about more?!? Whitney literally lied straight to her face, is so desperate for attention and drama that she orchestrated this all starting weeks earlier eerily enjoys this all. Ugh I can’t stand her, it’s all so obvious

  17. The look on Ysabel's face is just heartbreaking. She recognized that picture - it was of her dad with her and her siblings.


  19. Idk if I’d say toxic… I think we’re so used to seeing romanized relationships that a show that has imperfections can be easy to harp on. The show highlights imperfections in each character/relationship with creates more complex storylines and realistic personalities

  20. Everything you described is accurate, but it’s not mutually exclusive. The relationships are also absolutely toxic by psychological definition.

  21. Meri… it is very sad to watch but it seems like NO ONE likes her or even talks to her. She should get the hint and move on with her life.

  22. Totally. From the preview for next week, it seems like she may be moving to the B&B and leaving him as well. Dominos falling?

  23. Ugh I had something similar last week. Turned into a fungal infection.

  24. I bought these on a recent trip and I'm 90% sure these aren't straight CBD. These are a 2:1 blend and I think they have upwards of 6% THC in them. That's not a bad thing, but I thought I'd mention it! It's definitely preferable to a joint rolled wholly with THC flower.

  25. The terpenes and cannabinoids that make CBD effective and medicinal need to be activated by a small amount of THC. This is very important, and a reason (of many) that people purchase cannabis derived CBD rather than hemp. You generally don’t feel the psychoactive effects of THC from a CBD flower.

  26. I’m curious are they cannabis derived cbd joints or are they hemp derived? Whenever I get hemp derived it all tastes the same and gives me a headache. Every time I’m in a red legal state I swing by the dispensary and grab some cannabis derived cbd. Most definitely not the same as hemp tastes more like the herb I’m used too, and I feel relaxed more from it too. Anyone else feel this way?

  27. Cannabis. You can only get them in dispensaries in California and I think another state.

  28. And, as Lorelai pointed out, he previously used her garage and her mom provided snacks for him.

  29. And he was hitting on Lorelai in front of Rory and Lane the first day they started using the garage

  30. Whoever decided to go out to eat. In Europe, whoever asks the other to go out, they are expected to pay

  31. What’s the story? Did they arrive together? What was the rest of the night like between them?

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