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Bill Burr on Kanye

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  1. Glad to see him and his non famous person he was with were rescued from the pirates

  2. This is appalling and inexcusable. Call Maine Dept. of Labor on Monday.

  3. They're well aware of the issue as well. The Maine education association, Portland education association, department of labor and the unions legal teams have been working with the district the last couple weeks to figure out who is owed what (we have been told we will eventually be compensated for late and overdraft fees). Got an update from the union yesterday that they are working on how to get people compensated for those and will let us know soon. I'm genuinely curious how much this winds up costing the district in terms of paying for all these outside agencies as well as compensating us. Absolute mess.

  4. I'm pretty sure this is the superintendent's fault, though he did cone out in favor of question 5.

  5. He announced that when his contract is up after this year he is out. Lame duck superintendent hard at work. Wish we knew where he was interviewing so we could give them a heads up.

  6. She's the lady on smackdown right? Her voice is fucking incredible, and she does a ridiculously good job of building to announce their name. She truly is the best hey have had since Fink.

  7. Like usual, Bill Burr was a mile ahead of us leaving bread crumbs that we would find along the way.

  8. She said in the video it was rabid, so it sounded like fortunately she had the same thought.

  9. Hey Frankie how about another pepperoni pizza ya cow!

  10. Not saying Jack was in the right, because he wasn't, but if any other commentator in the league made that same comment, no one bats an eye. Jack is a lightning rod of attention. Need evidence? Name any other regional play by play guy.

  11. I feel like Cornette in general has grown quite a bit in recent years. He still has strong "man yells at cloud" vibes, but he seems at least somewhat aware that there's stuff he hates that draws.

  12. There’s a reason that Game 7 is going to be played at the LA Forum, home of the showtime Lakers.

  13. I noticed that last night when they laid out the rest of the series. Game 7 will be a big one in front of a huge crowd

  14. They're already claiming it's 18D chess so he can Magically Invent His Own Cell Phone! With blackjack! And hookers!

  15. Got an alert that mine will ship next week. Curious to see what actually happens.

  16. It's a special design that's supposed to look like the LJN figures from the 80's

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