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  1. Will be paid on time. But someone else is helping me on this one I believe

  2. Sharon is a slave driver. Ozzy wanted to retire in the early 2000s but the bitch makes him tour so she can spend more money on plastic surgery

  3. lol I remember listening to him on Howard Stern back in like 04 or 05 saying he wanted to retire and that he was tired and the whole time Sharon is like "Oh Ozzy you still got it though! your still at your peak!"

  4. Oh man I wouldn't even know where to begin to find that or if I could. It was when Howard was still on regular radio. I used to listen to him cause I had a 1 1/2 hr commute to college for a few months and he was on the radio at the time. Like 04-05 somewhere in the range.

  5. It can't be that Chris freedom been like a gradient? Maybe some days off or visiting some therapist outside his jail to actually prove how would he develop itself in the outside world before releasing him? I don't know how that cases work in the USA

  6. In the U.s. you're either in or your out of jail. There are some rare exceptions though like work release. Or if you are just a rich or powerful person getting special treatment. But chris wouldn't be in a situation for either of those things. I would guess that chris is either in a halfway house or a mental facility. Mental and rehabilitation facilitys have strict privacy rules so there wouldn't be any public evidence of it really. I was in rehab before and you had to sign release notes for every last person that they could tell that you were in rehab. Like I had to sign one for each seperate relative no matter how closely related, my lawyer because this was related to a legal issue, my specific probation officer (And no other probation worker), and whoever else I wanted to know for whatever reason.

  7. When I was a kid I'd go to my dad's every weekend. One weekend he sat me down and said we were gonna watch the football game and he told me all about the history of the Steelers. He told me all about jack Lambert and how my mom (who's maiden name is Lambert) went to a Cleveland school and would tell all the other kids jack Lambert was her cousin. That game we watched that day was the game where cowher snapped on the refs for calling a too many men on the field penalty and shoved a picture of the field in the refs shirt pocket. I've been a die hard ever since.

  8. Im gonna say The End of Cobra saga. That mans gonna throw up in his sleep and drown.

  9. I really think somethings wrong with him the way hes been hacking up a lung lately. I smoke a shit ton and have abused myself a bit over the years and I don't even have a cough really and I'm a little older than cobes. I would venture to say I've probably done more and worse drugs than cobes too throughout the years especially back in the day. No inhalants though. I wouldn't be surprised if he died in the next year or two. Hes been going downhill quick.

  10. lol you can but wiping is fucking weird. You feel like you never are clean.

  11. Honestly it sounds a lot like the type of thing that happens with ADHD. You're obviously aware of the mess in the car but you're only in the car to do things, so whenever you get to where you need to go that's what the new task is and you forget about the car. Get in the car in the morning, damn huge mess but I can't spend time at work cleaning it. Finish a day at work, go home, alright sweet I'll clean this after I go in and get changed and the second you're in the door it's gone

  12. I do shit like this and I never thought I had ADHD until my therapist suggested it a few months ago. The more I see about ADHD the more I think I actually may have it.

  13. I have mouse 4 bound to say nice shot so when someone misses me I can troll them, Mouse 5 bound to "activate charge"

  14. I doubt it. He doesn't play with any heart.

  15. Yea bush seems like one of those guys who always thinks it's everyone else's fault but his own.

  16. I doubt I'll open any of those cases I don't have any keys so I'll probably delete them

  17. You can sell them on the steam market for a few cents. It won't be much but eventually it'll add up to enough you can get a killstreak kit for your fav weapon or something.

  18. "You can sell them on the steam market for a few cents"

  19. Lol yea I mean if he holds onto them for years they will go up in value. Some of the older crates are going up in price not because they have anything valuable but just because theirs a finite number of them.

  20. I forgot how good that 2010 team was til Tomlin talked about them. Went back and watched some highlights. The wide receivers we had were crazy that year. Ward, Wallace, Randle el, Sanders, Brown. Have we ever had a better receiving core than that? And the defense was nasty. Woodley still hadn't declined, Troy got defensive mvp. Shame we didn't win it all that year.

  21. Can you post a copy? Most of these are one-sided, however to be honest without seeing it no one here will be able to tell you whether it is or not. ( it probably is)

  22. Yea I'll post one a little later when I got a second to go through and censor anything that may need censored.

  23. I hope someone else replies, I’m by no means an expert. But from what you’ve said it’s not clear why you would give something up with nothing in return.

  24. From what Ive found on Google it seems that the benefits to arbitration are that it's a quicker process and that's about it. It seems silly to disqualify myself from being able to join a class action suit and for my job to send me this after I've worked here for 2 years I'm wondering if someone has already sued them and that's why they are sending this out.

  25. Lol he came to my town in 2016 and said one of his biggest priorities was reopening the steel mill in our town and he promised to have it done. Im sure you know the end of this story.

  26. I didn't think to screenshot it but will if I have the option next time.

  27. I always love asking the dumb dumbs who think Trump is still in office how he can seek a 3rd term. Then, if he's served his 2 terms

  28. I've heard them say since the democrats spent his whole term picking on him that term shouldn't count. Ignore the fact he had majorities in the house and Senate and still couldn't manage to get anything done.

  29. I wonder if we should be levying more criticism at art Rooney 2? He has pretty much gotten a free pass because of his father and grandfather. He honestly is probably one of the least criticized owners in the NFL.

  30. Rivalry was at its best when Flacco and Ben were playing at the same time. Past years haven't had that intense energy since. Doesn't help you've been in QB purgatory and Lamars missed damn near all of them.

  31. I feel like it was more the defenses we both had than Ben and flacco. It seemed like every game haloti gnata(spelling?), Suggs, or reed did something amazing for the ravens and on the other side you had Harrison and polamalu doing the same. If I remember correctly they were like the only teams in the NFL running the 3-4 at the time too weren't they?

  32. Ive never seen someone play dota, accurate

  33. I played dota for like ten minutes. Had no fucking clue what I was doing and uninstalled.

  34. I’d imagine they have a non cheating account where they store the good stuff, and gift back and forth to the cheat accounts

  35. There's cheaters that brag about their backpack and how they don't care that they openly cheat cause they know valve will never do anything about it.

  36. Lol I reported a lunatic talking about how he couldn't wait to start shooting liberals in the streets and Facebook said it was okay. Then I got a week long ban for commenting "someone should brand your forehead" on a guys post that was searching for his dog that he branded a swastika on.

  37. If it is done as intended and is reduced hours at the same annual pay then yes. If it is condensed hours then no.

  38. I feel like if we ever made a four day work week standard in the us it would be 4 10 hr shifts. Which honestly I think it would be an improvement anyways. I worked 4 10s before and loved it compared to the traditional work week but obviously 4 8 hr shifts would be ideal.

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