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  1. This shit is getting ridiculous!! lol

  2. 67 miles for $27??? Not even in my dreams lol

  3. I’ve never made that much in 12 hours

  4. Thanks man I really appreciate it usually this subreddit is filled with a bunch of salty sailors but I appreciate the positivity from a fellow dasher

  5. I am being sarcastic. Stop posting shit like this nobody gives a fuck. So many of us are struggling just to get yesterdays pay that is stuck in limbo

  6. Be happy for OP you goofball. I Can totally shit on you right now and show you my $280 with a 4 hour dash time. But I’m not that type of person

  7. We’re all in the same boat bro come on stop with the patronizing papa

  8. This dude talks shit then when someone fires back it's "wE aLl iN tHe SaMe bOaT bRo"

  9. Pay attention sweetheart, don’t gloat on being a multi apper when a bunch of us are missing money from doordash

  10. i’ve talked to 3 different agents today, the first two disconnected mid conversation and the 3rd one basically told me that since my dash isn’t showing up in my earnings tab that they don’t owe me. she said just wait for it to show up.. i clocked out of my dash at like 8:30 pm.

  11. You will get your money plus an “error bonus.” I just received mine. It’s was a $20 bonus

  12. I got my money right after I posted this but didn’t get any kind of bonus

  13. Ahh crap. Maybe certain regions idk. Yeah it said “error bonus” $20

  14. This is great!! I once had a $850 tip and doordash called me asking me if they could take half 🤣🤣 That was 4 years ago l. This is nice though! Highest I’ve had lately is like $10 tip

  15. This mf has henchmen 😭😭🤣🤣🤣🤣

  16. lol if you don’t trust it just don’t respond to it bro. I’m literally doing it again for Whole Foods later today. More mula for me 😁

  17. More mulatto for you but you just had to borrow money from someone on reddit 😭😭 seems like you got scammed and are now trying to get money to pay rent

  18. I would have cancelled that so fast

  19. I get it. It’s not for shy guys

  20. Not sure how nobody had mentioned it yet.

  21. They just stole $56 from me after dashing for hours now my money will not deposit and j can’t get an answer from support

  22. Then stop dashing!! But we can’t it’s so hard lol

  23. ALWAYS earn by order. Earn by time will pay you way less

  24. Woah I literally had the exact same thing just now! Only difference was mine was at 1.6 miles but I think it’s because I texted her telling her that they were out of sour cream and I would grab some from the restaurant next door lol

  25. This was just for two blizzards from Dairy Queen! Super cool dude

  26. That’s sweet! Dude if everyone tipped like this, I would start doing it full time for sure!!

  27. This is nothing my friend! Worst I’ve seen was $5.00 for 25.5 miles!! If there were a middle finger we could send, I would have sent it.

  28. That’s tough. I’ve definitely had those Saturdays too many times to count. I guess it’s finally my day! Made $125 in 4 hours. Big tips magically today lol

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