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  1. If you think Toronto gun violence is comparable to Columbia’s drug war, you’re nuts.

  2. You’re right. I misread that. But OP was saying Toronto is turning into St Louis, which is a stretch.

  3. What kind of info do you want consolidated? Many of the Toronto renting threads pertain to people being ignorant of 2018+ builds not having rent control or their rights as a tenant, which isn't necessarily personal finance; that's better suited for a local city/province or tenant/landlord subreddits.

  4. Nah they trying to take all semi auto rifles and shotguns, most gun owners have a semi auto.

  5. But the article criticizing the govt offers concedes they are not targeting all semi autos, just some that are caught up in the definition. I agree they appear not to have thought through the unintended guns caught up in this.

  6. You just made in clear that your not educated on the topic

  7. No, you’re right, I’m not. I’ve only read this article, which contradicts its own headline in terms of scope.

  8. Remember when Conservatives (including one Jason Kenney) were in Ottawa and Alberta got everything it ever wanted? Me neither.

  9. Not only that, the PM was a Calgary MP! For 9 years!

  10. It can take several days for a cheque to come out of your account.

  11. My favorite Ricky story is when he signed and got a million dollar check from the A’s. He framed the check and hung it on his wall, without cashing it. The A’s finance dept. figured out he never cashed it.

  12. I also love the story of what he did with his meal per diems.

  13. Eh, that’s a bit of a disingenuous read of what Carlin was talking about. If you listen to all of his stuff, what he’s talking about there in the early 1990s is people running scare campaigns about the risks of poor people, blacks, gays, etc. I’ve seen this clip played to argue any number of things, but it’s a very different context than PC culture today.

  14. If OP was calling out the Post for fanning the flames, then I’d agree. But based on his other comments on this thread, I think he’s equating the prof criticizing this with Carlin’s view.

  15. That’s restricted to regulations and both the provinces and feds do that.

  16. What's the distinction between regulations and laws then? I don't think either provinces or feds should have it

  17. Generally speaking, regulations are the more technical elements of legislation, and the broad strokes and purpose are in the legislation itself.

  18. Not just vaccines, we also wasted tons of money on PPE:

  19. Is "wasted" the right word though? It was a global pandemic and a lot of this stuff was novel.

  20. It does seem quite odd that the auditor general would do these undercover missions.

  21. Why should the police be involved? Often journalists use the same process gathering evidence for a story.

  22. Journalists are not provincial employees with a clear mandate. The AG does a lot of really good work, including within her latest report.

  23. This. Everyone saying Ford has something to hide, but the issue here is that the AG is taking it upon herself to authorize criminal investigations/stings. She's always been aggressive with her mandate, but that's so beyond what she should be doing, at least not without cooperating with police.

  24. Did your rate of pay change at all? Or did you cap out on certain non-taxable deductions? EI/CPP/tax are all based on a rate of taxable income. So if they went up, then likely your taxable income was higher on this paycheque. Really hard to say without seeing all the details.

  25. rent control decreases rental supply and hurts young people the most

  26. We had no rent control for new builds in Ontario from 1998 to 2017 and yet purpose built rental starts hit record lows in that period. They have actually increased the last few years.

  27. Speak with a mortgage broker to see if a lender will give you money to build on vacant land.

  28. Most banks also require a much higher down payment for vacant land purchases.

  29. Ford promised he wouldn't touch the greenbelt ... until he did. Isn't that king-ish-like behaviour?

  30. What is your point? I'm not saying its ethical or a good thing, but legally speaking, he's not bound to that pledge, and the Greenbelt is a provincial creation so they can technically do whatever they like with it.

  31. Quebec was shrewdly brilliant to not use the Notwithstanding Clause too brashly. In Ford vs. Quebec (the last time it was tested at the SCC), the SCC actually placed restrictions on its use and the Quebec government had to modify their laws to match it. That is, the Notwithstanding Clause already has constitutional precedent of having limitations. Quebec then knew to walk a fine line so as to not have the courts read even more limitations in. I bet they are right pissed at Ford and Alberta for walking us towards the SCC having to clarify.

  32. Eh, I think Ford has used it in a far more reserved way.

  33. I truly wonder where they would find a decent team of lawyers willing to argue their side.

  34. I hear Brendan Miller is available now that the Emergencies Act Inquiry has wrapped up.

  35. I mean, in theory the reason charities need to exist is because there aren't adequate supports from government or the private sector. In a perfect world, we wouldn't need any domestic charities in Canada because everyone has the supports they need for adequately funded social services, employment, etc.

  36. I actually disagree with this. There are tons of charities which do meaningful work that is not necessarily meaningful to everybody.

  37. Yes, the "perfect world" was a heavy qualifier in my comment. I don't realistically thing government actions can or should make charities moot.

  38. Killing Me Softly and For What It's Worth are arguably both in the Top 5 specials of all time.

  39. Strictly comedically speaking he’s gotten lazy and his material is mostly shallow takes on trans issues with lukewarm punchlines. Good comedy requires deeper understanding than what he has of trans people, which is why comedians tend to pull from personal experience. While I also disagree with his views, I would have likely still laughed if the material was at least funny. Unfortunately, the material is shallow and more speechy than comedy, so I end up uncomfortable instead of laughing.

  40. Thank you, that made the point I was aiming for much clearer.

  41. It’s the same. I’m sure the rebranding is so a quick google won’t bring up shorty history.

  42. Yep, they seem to change names every few years. It used to be the Dominion Christian Centre, then One Community, then Poema, then Legacy.

  43. Let the partner know that it’s running behind and try to explain asap. The partner gets to decide what happens now, and they may want to reassign it to someone more senior. If they keep you on, then the project is your only concern until it’s done. Set an out of office and grind.

  44. Also, if you don't have time to deal with an assignment, it's important to check in and let them know as early as possible. They'll be way less upset about having to reassign something as opposed to finding out last minute it's not done.

  45. "Culturally xtian" != xtian. Xmas & Easter have become secularized enough that they are celebrated by people not belonging to the xtian religion. Ultimately, religions are about the religion, not the holidays.

  46. And a partridge in a pear tree!

  47. Have you seen pear tree prices lately? Buy partridge in bulk at Costco if you need it, the pear tree is an expensive frill.

  48. Pursue a high-earning career. Side hustles and youtube channels can take a lot of time and effort for not a whole lot of gain. Use the time and effort to increase your earning potential and you'll come out with a lot more.

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