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  1. If you go frame by frame you can actually see that it was already down there. Don’t know why it was down there before hand though.

  2. It’s an amazing game but I wish they update the switch version :/

  3. Solo or group? I’ve got no friends to play with so I’ve made it to round 23 solo.

  4. If I bite into a burger and it’s a cake I’m sending someone to hell.

  5. Okay but now I’m conflicted since I’m a copper golden fan and also a sniffer fan..

  6. Ok I’ve seen this meme hundreds of times now and still have no idea who those people are.

  7. If by "offensive stamina devouring" you mean using Adrenaline/Endurance along with Skullforge....that's part of the problem.

  8. Nah the only thing that kept me from constantly running out of stamina was the skullforge. Everything else in my build is devoted to getting more shield and damage bonuses. I don’t even have healing/lifesteal.

  9. At the end of the day I’m mainly just venting because now I’ve got to change my play style because someone decided to nerf an already rarely used and off-meta armor for no discernible reason.

  10. I’ve also got the same problem. The option is completely gone.

  11. I also use the RM it is one of the few really viable weapons for F2P, although with Aegis and his shield it is becoming more difficult for it to be effective. Also it is not so difficult to dodge it

  12. Sure, when the warning actually shows up. Or if you’re not teammates don’t decide to block you in.

  13. I hunt down mortars with Lancer and Jav8s. Maybe step your game up?

  14. F2p can’t even get jav8s and upgrading lancer isn’t worth it for most people.

  15. I’m still somewhat new to the game with a hangar power of 1.1k consistently getting matched against 1.7k-2.5k I’m seriously considering dropping this game altogether as it’s just not fun to struggle tooth & nail every fight just to lose because my dumb ass bot teammates can’t figure out how to shoot a stationary enemy.

  16. It’s just the potato’s eyes. Completely normal if you don’t eat them soon enough.

  17. How is he Div 6 with 1.7m max damage??? I'm Div 5 with a measly 120k

  18. This isn't matchmaking. This is a complete different thing. Tournament groups are created or u placed in one when u finish ur first match. It has nothing to do with your SP or XP

  19. I almost did it within the first hour of there challenge but got fucked by some mortar with decent teammates that wouldn’t allow me to get to them. I’ll never understand how the devs think mortars are at all balanced on open ceiling maps.

  20. I managed to 100% all the Grand Pris in Mariokart 8 deluxe, and I couldn’t agree more. I can still hear the shells approaching ;(

  21. The herbivorous insects that wasps eat.

  22. Wasps aren’t the only thing that eat them. I haven’t had wasps around my yard for years and my plants have been completely fine.

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