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  1. I certainly would. Having a blow out won't just affect you, but possibly others around you.

  2. It's probably what they refer to as "air miles" as in its the distance from point A to point B in a straight line, not factoring in turns, curves, mountains etc.. Google maps does it when you search a place before you actually click on it to start directions.

  3. As my instructor once said to my class, we just teach you enough to be dangerous on the road. The rest is up to us.

  4. Probably something going to a location within that area and the height restrictions couldn't be avoided.

  5. And I always thought it was protecting our windshields... The flaps on the trailer sides make more sense to me. Live and learn I guess.

  6. Those are also for aerodynamics. Mudflaps are the only thing for protecting your windshields.

  7. I did this yesterday because there was no space left and I was fully expecting a trucker to park me in. Didnt happen and was kinda dissapointed. Would make me chuckle

  8. Well, we do try to be professional even when it comes to assholes.

  9. Your shrimp scavenged a dead fish. That's what crustaceans and invertebrates do. They scavenge.

  10. Resorting to damaging personal property is never the way. It feels great, but you can cost them so much more than feelings. A car is a livelihood. A car takes people to work, to pay their rent, to pay their utilities, to buy groceries, and to take family members to the hospital.

  11. Plus Doordash upcharges anyway. Most of the prices of food are $2 more than what the restaurants charge.

  12. As a freight hauler, who sees a lot of brokers offering for $2+ a mile for multiple tons....I have to differentiate between the 100s to 1000s of miles we do vs inner city travel yall do.

  13. had to quit because of other people? That makes absolutely no sense.

  14. I mean, why order it in the first place? Knee zippers haven't been in fashion since like...maybe the 80s or 90s. Trying for a retro look?

  15. Not true. We have to scan the ID. Even if you don't answer, we're not supposed to leave alcohol.

  16. Yea I know, I'm saying that that was an experience I had. They took my food but left the alcohol at the door. They still kept the tip but I was refunded for the food they took.

  17. They could be fired for doing that. Alcohol requires a signature. Risky on dashers part. It’s fines and everything associated with inappropriate alcohol delivery. I decline alcohol deliveries because it’s to many issues with deliveries that can end up getting you deactivated.

  18. Oh yeah, I know. I pushed that with DD support. That was a huge legal issue. I don't know what happened with them though.

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