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  1. Like many have said, it's about to shed. But if the eyes stay that way afterward, the scales over his eyes failed to shed. I had one do this a couple of times. Letting it swim in a warm bath before a shed can help. You can also physically remove it but the snake won't like it.

  2. What exactly were you recording for? I can’t hardly see anything in that video lol

  3. It's a welder thing. I know a few that do the same thing.

  4. When it started I was like, aww, look at it just relaxing by the shore...

  5. Not to upset anyone but the Lionfish need to be dead, they are very invasive on the East Coast due to owners releasing them. Much like the Pythons and Boas of Florida...and others.

  6. Safelite is a hack company. I work for a local competitor and we are constantly redoing there work and we are not the only ones to say that. I dont usuall talk bad about my competition but they do it to themselves in the work they do. A lot of people do not know that a windshield supports 1 and 1/2 times the cars weight in a roll over. If not properly installed it pops out and the integrity of the structural support isn't there to provide protection inside the cab. Hope they do a better hob than I've seen.

  7. I can't speak on the whole windshield replacement part, but their chip seals are spot on!!

  8. Doesn't look like they are feasting, looks like they are making sure it doesn't get back up.

  9. This is where a roof mounted Vulcan cannon would be useful

  10. They routinely do drills with A-10 Thunderbolts near where I live and all you hear is Brrrrrrrrrr.... brrrrrrrrrrr

  11. No joke something happened to my head after a car accident and i suck at mental math now +,-,÷,×. Gotta use a calculator for everything.

  12. Head injuries are weird because sometimes they can unlock things and sometimes they lock them up. There was a story awhile back about a man who was beaten really badly and when he recovered (think he was in a coma) he was a math genius.

  13. Man i wish i got that rather than getting dumber.

  14. Dang, I'm sorry to hear that. Maybe some other skill took its place and you just haven't found it yet. I hope it gets better for you.

  15. Either a weak frame from rust or cracks or load exceeded the weight limit of the frame whether from a load shift or at the time of being loaded. Xtra are rental/lease trailers that aren't in the best of conditions .

  16. Xtra are rental/lease trailers. They aren't in the best of conditions usually. O/O and lease drivers will drive them until...well..this.

  17. Is this the same encounter that was posted yesterday? The video showed some of the struggle but didn't show the whole thing.

  18. They are best alone, no other dogs. Sure there are some with a better story but for their safety, they need to be the only pet.

  19. It takes almost zero effort to make the switch from any browser to the next. Each one always asks to import all of your bookmarks, and search histories.

  20. Apple's ego has and will always be its greatest weakness. Extensions and third party adaptability makes for a better and easier experience all the way around. It was easy for me in the late 90s to go with a PC vs a Mac due to this and I'm still doing it to this day.

  21. Next time use 2x4s and screw them into the studs and then screw the mount into the 2x4s

  22. So sad when it runs in circles

  23. It's not though. She backed down to it's extended wings. She could have saved it had she really wanted to.

  24. "why would this rider dare to race with a sports car?" You mean the.. sport bike? Probably because nearly any motorcycle can beat most cars if the rider doesn't do this shit.

  25. Yeah, that could have been an easy win for the bike actually lol.

  26. Guy didn't even hug the tank. If you're gonna give it that much throttle at the jump, better shift as much weight as you can over that tank.

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