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  1. I've been afraid to say this since I joined but I agree SO MUCH

  2. Just go fk lol. You have options, we don't. Go use them.

  3. As virgins we need to support and help each other. We are each going through so much and our stories are valid. Just because this individual has options they are still a virgin and still are struggling with hormones. We need to support our fellow virgins and be kind to each other.

  4. Shy nerdy lesbo here, nobody coming around my area either 😅 this double standard you speak of isn't so double sided

  5. Damn straight!! We need to find more of us ❤️😊

  6. I didn't mean to :( because I know for one I am lesbian but asexual. It wasn't my intention

  7. Unfortunately when you go pub crawling or to bars, virgins will be in the minority

  8. i tried hinge once and got a few likes from borderline obese girls but it didn’t lead to anything

  9. :( borderline obese? Most of us girls that are called that are just a little larger...

  10. I don't think anyone is too ugly for love 🙂 you aren't too ugly for it

  11. As a woman, I'm sorry you feel like this. And if you ever need to talk about anything or vent I'm here for you 😊 you have every right to vent and feel these ways however I feel like your words were a terrible generalization on yourself and on women. Please don't view yourself in such a way and don't see woman as that way. We don't care if you are a virgin or not, but perhaps not having your own place is off putting to women you may like. Once again my friend I'm here for you if you need to talk. Stay strong ☺️

  12. My bad 😅 please disregard then. I misread and was too quick to post.

  13. Unfortunately women aren't welcome here....or so it feels. We are told we can get sex easily when we are struggling. Our troubles are invalidated. If we vent suddenly our inboxes are flooded with (predominantly) sex/relationship seeking men.

  14. Perhaps if they put a trigger warning? But they did not. Yet the thought process and the comments along were very toxic and hurtful.

  15. Ah 👀 hello buddy How's it going?

  16. Hey I need on honest opinion from someone who dislikes me can you check out my post I want some advice

  17. This post is so so IMPORTANT and so well written. Hopefully some of the people here take your words to heart and don't get triggered.

  18. This is an AWESOME mindset to have and we should all have it. We are not an incel group, we are a group of people who haven't lost our virginities yet. We should be supportive of people struggling to improve themselves and also be proud of those who are able to sleep with others. We need to support each other and help this group not fall into the hands of incels.

  19. It's an insult everybody uses to just describe anger or strong negative emotions. When I'm playing video games with friends/randos and I ruin a dungeon or accidentally kill and ally they use that term. Don't take it personally.

  20. No no. They are right. It's an insult everybody uses to just describe anger or strong negative emotions. When I'm playing video games with friends/randos and I ruin a dungeon or accidentally kill and ally they use that term. Don't take it personally.

  21. LMFAO bro. As a virgin female I literally just slept in bed all day and played video games. There's nothing to be ashamed of 😃

  22. Thank you but no thanks. I'm gay cx

  23. Hang in there. There is hope for us. I'm a 25 year old virgin but don't let the lack of replies get to me. If you ever need to talk please message me ☺️

  24. As a woman with mainly woman friends I can say that we all value Intel and sense of humor over looks. The only issue is that we don't have the appearance that guys want. They aren't too upset when we look the other way.

  25. Nobody is deserving of anything. You don't deserve sex if you don't put in the work to find somebody to have sex with. This includes putting in the effort to get to know her and work up to sex. Nobody DESERVES sex and this kind of mindset is very dangerous to have.

  26. I'd say fuck it (and her haha), go for it! Being 26, just out of Uni and still with no experience of sex, love or relationships, it’s hard to realise that I’ve missed out on young love and the whole development stage. Not only is it the idea of young love being innocent, and being able to really spend time with your partner in a way you can’t as an adult, it’s also the fact that I have no idea what a relationship is like. When should I make a move? I dunno. How much time should I spend with them? I dunno. What do I like/ dislike in relationships? I dunno. What works in bed?? You have to answer these questions now! Otherwise you will miss the bell get left behind like the rest of us!

  27. The problem is if she isn't who she says she is. This can be VERY dangerous for both men and women to meet people off line without even video chatting with them first. OP needs to be safe. Once he confirms that she is in fact who she says she is then it's wise to follow what you want. Otherwise you are just telling him to put himself in danger. Be safe out there boys and gals when meeting people you met online.

  28. Virginity is a human made concept created by people so they can feel special when taking somebody's innocence. Science wise you can infact lose your Virginity to a bike, while riding a horse or even yourself. But socially you will only lose it when you engage in sexual acts. Hopefully that helps :)

  29. My immediate reaction is to be there for him. Make sure he is alright and to be open to him if he needs it. But also to support him in his feelings. Male emotions are valid too. It doesn't make him weak, it makes him real

  30. I was NEVER on medications until my depression, PTSD and anxiety started getting in the way of my life. I decided that I deserve better and reached out for help

  31. If this is still available please DM me! This looks amazing

  32. If it's still available please DM me 😊 this seems so amazing

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