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Memorial garden for my fiancé

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I needed this today

  1. Absolutely thiiiissss! No one goes to get a Master's degree only to be paid hourly! The 'ell?!

  2. I live deep on the West Side (Damn near in Baker County.) Hokkaido off of Crystal Springs Rd/Chafee and across the street from the Winn Dixie is my go to for ramen. This is for the folks that may live on the West Side.

  3. Any local bakeries that do platters? We used to have a great Greek bakery in town and they did superb platters of desserts. Cookies, brownies, baklava. Maybe even a donut shop could hook you up with a deal.

  4. This is such a beautiful memorial. Sad that Carolyn is no longer with us. This awesome and lovely tribute to her life is fantastic.

  5. This. My daughters were in a really bad car wreck a couple years ago. My white daughters were traveling down the road at around 60 mph. A car full of young black teenagers pulled out into the right lane. She was in the left lane It scared my daughter and she overcorrected and went if the road and flipped the car. Initially the police, my daughter and my wife were convinced they pulled out in front of them. Sad ti say these people immediately assumed because my daughter was white and the other car was black teenagers that my daughter was innocent. Funny thing. My daughter was coming back from sneaking off to see her boyfriend. The other car were teens leaving a Wednesday night teen service at a local church. But sure as crap the white innocent girl was the victim because the big black man pulled out in front of her. Security cameras on the church showed other wise. Imagine being a white dad having to deal with this. People think oh it’s all race. No. We have subconsciously and systematically trained ourselves and our children to believe this race crap. I agree. It’s not race. It’s class warfare. And it is by design. If we’re all to busy fighting about who is black and who is white or why it matters, then we are too busy ti realize how bad we, as a human race, have been screwed over by the system. Sorry to rant and this in no way reflects back on you random poster. Your comment hit home with the accident and it just reminded me how crappy society is. Love God. Love people. 🫶

  6. I am sorry your daughters were in a car wreck. I can't imagine the pain and anxiety of getting that call.

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