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  1. Why do you want to make it a single album then? I haven’t listened to it yet though. As for the White album, I really like it in its entirety, so I wouldn’t make a single album out of it.

  2. It’s a thought experiment for fun. Not serious whatsoever. Omni I’m gatherum is fine on it’s own but it’s a double album I was just curious what everyone gives with all the music on it lol

  3. Very very nice idea mate. I have listened to a few Bowie albums before and it’s been long since I last did that. So maybe this will help me.

  4. I just picked like 2-3 songs from a few albums to get started with but for a full album run - I’m in your Mind Fuzz, Butterfly 3000, Changes. If you’re into metal and want heavier stuff- Infest The Rats’ Nest, Murder of the Universe or Nonagon Infinity (both work as full album runs anyway, they tell a story)

  5. That’s pretty interesting, because I usually start with full album runs. However, I have also thought about listening to single tracks from different albums.

  6. That's the one that made me a huge Radiohead fan too

  7. Stu plays his powerchords fucked, with the pinky on the fifth instead of the octave

  8. Why do you consider him playing fucked? This is actually a common way to play a power chord imo

  9. i think he's barring pinky on A and D, but i guess i'll have to ask him on the next AMA!

  10. Hi there, what chords are you exactly looking for? If you need tabs for a certain song I might help you out. Ultimate guitar is a helpful website overall but as you already said it isn’t always accurate.

  11. I'm in Your Mind Fuzz and Flying Microtonal Banana are the two best introduction albums. Maybe Omnium Gatherum too

  12. I think I'm In You Mind Fuzz is their most accessible. If you liked the debut, it has a similar garage rock vibe, but with more psychedelic leanings. After that I'd probably recommend Nonagon Infinity, Flying Microtonal Banana, and Polygondwanaland. Those are generally considered to be their best.

  13. Got my mind set on you. I know it’s a cover. However, it’s one of my all time favourite songs

  14. Live Brisbane. Someone stitched together crowd recordings with the bootleg. I think bitter boogie is playing at the moment I took the photo.

  15. Thanks a lot. What year is it from? Can I find it on YouTube?

  16. "I wish that I could fly / Into the sky, so very high / Just like a dragonfly..."

  17. I don’t get it either where LK should have rhymed fly with fly… And the chord progression is definitely not under the top 5 most used chord progressions imho.

  18. I’ve just listened to Girl after a long time and I have to say wow, what a beautiful arrangement with those two guitars by the end of the song and what I enjoyed the most is the lead guitar on the right channel during the 3rd verse (I believe it was the 3rd), it’s stunning.

  19. Yeah I think you might wear a short buzzcut with a shorter beard or without. I’m not a fan of buzzcuts with “long” beards.

  20. Thanks, cause I've never had a short hair in my life and really anxious about going short, but I think I'll just do it anyways. And yeah, I'll definitely trim the beard, mine is not that dense to grow it longer.

  21. LOL I just found this thread. Back to the topic, somehow I think men with long hair can wear buzzcuts too. I don’t know what it is though.

  22. Rock Songs? Yer blues, I want you, Except for me and my monkey .. the first that came to mind

  23. Perhaps both of you are correct it's a Hidden message from my Phone... That IT doesn't know the english language and tries to fuck Up any attempt of me writing something correctly which is incrediblely annoying

  24. Look up their live set on KEXP from a couple weeks ago. After their set they talk a bit about how they choose their set lists. They play from a pool of about 100 songs and have different set lists each night

  25. That would be Infest the Rat's Nest. Genuinely one of their best albums.

  26. I already saw them on and figured out they have about 3-4 openers that are changed every night.

  27. Gipsy Kings had about 14 haha Blue oyster cult. Travelling Wilburys. If you count bass guitar then there would be a few, Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever a standout.

  28. Slipknot has nine members. I think at least 4 of them play some type of guitar.

  29. As far as I’m aware, they have a singer, two guitarists, a bassist, a keyboardist /samples, a dj, a drummer and two percussionists

  30. We need to talk about how cool that old volvo is tho

  31. Highest was 4 packs a day for a long time, then dropped to 2 then 1, then 1/4 a pack. Been off cigs for a few months now.

  32. Disagree. The medley, particularly Golden slumbers and YNGMYM, Because, I want you - I guess those are my favourites

  33. I know it’s been a while, but I heard that electric light Orchestra would sound like the Beatles. I haven’t listened to them yet though.

  34. In my mind The Beatles founded the Pop genre. Others have said the song Taxman was the original hard rock song. Which of the Beatles do you like? Paul was more pop. John was more plaintive, harsh, psychodelic, and sarcastic. George was more spiritual, guitar-centric, and positive.

  35. I thought it was a mixture of Spooky dowhatyouwant Atmo and Proto-Electro Punkish

  36. Glitchbreak, Experimental Electronic, Hardvapour/Dreampunk, Abstract/Glitch, y2k, Traprun and a whole lot that I haven’t mentioned

  37. I’ve always wondered what glitch was. Is glitchbreak something like breakbeat/big beat or downtempo then?

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