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  1. No, they can not. If the skin is popular enough, they will more than gladly release handfuls of their item shop remixes though. (I'm looking at you, Midas)

  2. II only redeem the ones you unlocked to claim to 0ut it simply: unlock page, end of season, open game after downtime, you automatically get stuff you could have Got from that unlocked page but the style you get is random

  3. Not random, the order is always top left -> bottom right

  4. I forgor but then where are they?

  5. Nevermind, I'm a dum-dum. Everything around it is chromed, but the tree itself is doing just fine. They are definitely in the branches

  6. I'm convinced it's random and utterly cosmetic. Personally, can't feel a difference between the normal and "poor" connections

  7. Introducing: customizable gloves, epic/legendary wraps, weapon charms, building tool skins, so on and so forth

  8. With the help of the level up pack, that is

  9. Excessive eye floaters are. If you see a couple here and there, you're fine

  10. How many more encrypted stuff are there? I want to stop worrying about a surprise collab.

  11. Aside from the known but still encrypted FFC set, there are currently 1 set, 1 outfit, and 1 unidentified pak (seems to contain a set or some of the event outfit assets).

  12. New player here, just learned of Midas recently with all the chatter about the live event... how is everybody not enraged there is a skin that gives you a huge tactical advantage? Does the gold thing not work anymore? I would expect to see this skin dozens of times per match

  13. What's the tactical advantage it provides, exactly? His gold is no good for camouflage, if that's what you mean

  14. I mean in theory he could touch the chrome to turn it into gold but I don’t see how that helps the situation.

  15. Is it supposed to help? Don't forget that Midas isn't here to help anyone, he only yearns to break the loop.

  16. SIKTC doesn't own the copyright on face masks with teeth

  17. Really? From what I’ve seen and heard, no one has talked about midas in a story sense, since chapter 2 season 4

  18. We've had that whole thing with Jules, Marigold and him and "the plan" that will come "soon" back in chapter 2 season 7, which, so far, has led absolutely nowhere

  19. They're subliminal messages telling you to purchase more V-bucks

  20. Did Street Fighter copyright double hair buns? That's the only resemblance I see so far

  21. No way, are we actually getting a real summer event in December???

  22. Chapter 4 takes place in Australia, confirmed

  23. Idk too i mean you can clearly see its a issue because it wasnt like that before its a physic issue

  24. They broke pretty much all cloth physics in C3S3 and haven't fixed them since. Let's hope they were messing with them in anticipation for the next chapter and everything will return to normal by December 4th

  25. A swollen pungent-tasting edible root, especially a variety which is small, spherical, and red, and eaten raw with salad.

  26. Fortnite has a tradition of codenaming their live events after food, the upcoming one is called "Radish"

  27. That or they're archived, for whatever reason

  28. You might have accidentally archived them. Head to the list of your skins, open the filters and go to the archive.

  29. Yes, you could archive it to never see it in your skins tab

  30. That's precisely what Luke TheNotable would say

  31. What's that "retrieving a sibling's account information" all about?

  32. Unrealistic, no tier 100 collaboration

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