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  1. I posted in the last thread that I also had mixed reviews about some of their clothing. I purchased one of the denim shirts (looked nice, not too western-ey, matching color stitching, and dark buttons) and after the first wash three buttons fell off; some light pulling and two more came right off as well. It's easy enough to fix myself, but it's something to consider.

  2. Surprised the ref stopped the match to be honest. Seeing Conor be "knocked out" whilst standing and offering congratulations seems... odd? Glad I didn't spend $100 on that.

  3. Did you thank him by rolling your tires through the dirty section and streaking it onto the fresh clean section as you pulled into the garage? This is probably grounds for divorce.

  4. from what is saw, the boots were pretty low quality. plastic-y, even, which is expected for the price. their shirts and jeans seemed a lot better, as far as quality goes.

  5. Just wanted to put in my $.02 that I purchased a denim shirt a few days ago and after one wash three buttons came off. Even though I can easily repair this and do a better job of it, it's not something that should have happened in the first place. I still like the shirt, and the material itself is of reasonable quality, but the finishing details leave a lot to be desired.

  6. Remember guys, 1 dollar is better than 0 dollars.

  7. That's when I tuned out for this particular podcast. He went from telling us about his exclusive all English-speaking corner of Puerto Rico straight into how working for $1 an hour is a good thing. The cognitive dissonance is strong with this one.

  8. But yet they are safe for people with Diabetes... Not all sugars are the same.

  9. Correct. Most fruits are full of fructose, which doesn't have as direct or significant an impact on insulin levels in the body as table sugar does.

  10. Fun fact: eggs have an inner and outer membrane that connect/separate an air sac in the "fat end" of the egg, which is what you're seeing here (after the out membrane has been pulled off with the shell).

  11. They say sunshine is the best disinfectant.

  12. I forgot about rocking the white t-shirt and vest combo. So awesomely 90s.

  13. This podcast is so good that I forgot Steve Bannon got fired.

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