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  1. For the future, too, remember that heat speeds up redox reactions like rust (that's why if you see burned out vehicles, they're always rusty, even immediately after burning). Camp chef isn't the greatest with their coatings, which is probably what happened here. If you notice a spot externally where the coating is chipping off during a cook, you could spray some canola oil (any cooking oil, really) on it to keep oxygen and moisture from reaching the exposed metal while it's hot.

  2. Between Southeast Idaho and Utah, there have been somewhere between two and four in the last ten years, from what I remember.

  3. Yeah, but you have more integrity being nude on TV as an amateur. Being nude on TV for pay ruins the purity of the whole thing.

  4. Also worth mentioning, as always data, even if from a reliable source can be sketchy depending on what is considered a robbery on different countries. It's highly dependent on report rates as well.

  5. That was my first question. Where are we getting the data?" Are these police reports? Self reports? Extrapolations? Raw crime rates don't tell the whole story, especially if you're comparing jurisdictions where people trust the police enough to report crimes with jurisdictions where they don't.

  6. My read is that a big part of this is a not so subtle hint to Erdogan and Orban that they need to stop screwing around with the Swedish and Finnish NATO accession. He's letting them know that if they don't get with the program within NATO, they shouldn't assume the US will automatically have their back outside of NATO. With a group as big as this (120 countries), it's guaranteed that there are countries less democratic than them, and countries that have backslided similarly who are still in the group, so I don't think "this is a meeting only for democracies" is the whole story.

  7. You make me want to buy a smoker 😋

  8. this persons totally right. reverse sear with a smoker is the best steak I have ever had and has sadly made me use my sous vide really rarely anymore.

  9. Same here. I pretty much only use sous vide for roasts and other tough cuts of meat anymore. In my opinion, that's where sous vide really shines. I suppose if I had to do a whole bunch of steaks at the same time (and if the steaks aren't ribeyes) I'd use sous vide.

  10. Shove him into the tower. The less we see of the clown, the better.

  11. Good call. Whether it's hair plugs or a toupee, he's not going to be able to Rapunzel his way out of that.

  12. Uh oh. He's melted into the carpet. A good shake of the treats jar should solve it.

  13. Cause it's the last thing it would expect. Art of War Chapter 1, baby! Take the fight to the wave. Fight him on his own home turf.

  14. It's a pretty weak argument to say that China "wins" if Russia conquers Ukraine, which is why she doesn't offer much to back her assertion. Xi has big plans and is ruthless. If he feels Ukraine is all that important to him, he's done almost nothing compared to what he could do, and compared to what he does on other issues. In fact, it's a better argument that Xi benefits more from a relatively weaker Russia, because replacing Russian hegemony in Central Asia with Chinese hegemony would be a massive Chinese win, given Xi's foreign policy initiatives (belt and road, silk road, etc).

  15. Just out of curiosity, why would you want to watch something with no likeable character? Watching it just wasn't enjoyable at all for me.

  16. I would say the unlikeable part is intended, but the annoying part isn't. It's kind of like It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, in that schadenfreude is a big part of it. It's supposed to be funny to see these miscreants get their comeuppance and their schemes fail. Naturally, characters like that walk a fine line between "I want to see this guy fail" and "I can't even stand seeing this guy." If they cross that line for an audience member, then I don't think the rest of it will land.

  17. Thank you for your reply! I can understand the comeuppance aspect, because I believe most of us enjoy this. I just couldn't find the one tolerable character to make it worth watching for me. I actually have enjoyed this post for the most part. I've seen several of the shows I've enjoyed brought up and appreciate seeing them through someone elses lens. Have a wonderful day and thanks again for an enlightening and thoughtful response

  18. 1k rifles, 2.6k body armors and 12 shipments of “parts” isn’t a whole lot. Weird they’d even try this for how little they’re gaining vs consequences if their company gets hit with any investigation or even sanctions.

  19. That's what's been puzzling me. They have all of the leverage in the Russia-PRC relationship, so it's not like they really need to give Russia one red cent of aid. At least, that's how it looks from the outside. I guess though, out of what they could do and should do (in the context of supporting a nominal ally), this is literally the least they could do.

  20. He might like the smell of your shampoo or something. My sister's cat liked to lick her after the shower if she used a certain body wash.

  21. I bought some sort of electronic device or appliance from them (can't remember which). Cost a few hundred bucks, and it was shipped in its retail packaging. Sat on my doorstep for hours saying "Steal me!" on it.

  22. I know it's set up to steer like a 2 wheeler. But I doubt it actually does. I can tell the difference in steering between a 17 in. Front tire and a 21 in . Imagine a whole additional wheel two more shocks and the added weight and complexity that went into making that exercise in futility. May be I just don't understand who would buy one. I wouldn't trade my regular motorcycles for one . But I've rode a Ryker and it's pretty cool. And super comfortable. If I wanted/needed three 3 wheels it would be that over this mashup of can-am and regular bike .

  23. My local grocery store only had fried chicken. But yeah i think they have some at Costco so I’m gonna try it out.

  24. Costco is the place. If you get you some avocados and tomatoes or something, you can make sandwiches out of the leftovers.

  25. Anti-vaccination by itself is an extreme display of privilege. Mothers in poorer countries would love for their babies not to die of tetanus and other vaccine-preventable diseases.

  26. My mom told me how relieved everyone was when the Polio vaccine was unrolled in her area back in the 50s and early 60s. Polio was scary enough that it was something you didn't even want to talk about, and in an instant, all kids were now safe from it. Moms didn't need to worry every summer. The relief was tangible.

  27. My nanna was born in 1940 and she hates that people don’t vaccinate their kids because a little boy who was her neighbour caught polio and was permanently in a wheelchair because of it. Her own younger brother caught meningitis when he was a toddler which kept him in the hospital for a very long time and he was almost completely deaf for the rest of his life as a result. People these days just can’t comprehend what it was like before vaccines.

  28. That is so sad. It's hard for us in the developed world to truly understand how scary early childhood was for 99.9% of our existence, and how scary it still is for our brothers and sisters in the developing world.

  29. It certainly is about that time. Retired generals commenting in the Western media have been saying more and more that Ukraine needs to start its counter-offensive, now that the Russian winter offensive has culminated. I hope the Ukrainians start it while the Russians are still out of breath.

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