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  1. Weird how similar a certain subsection of the liberals and conservatives supporters sound and speak while claiming the other side are basically traitors to the country...

  2. Yeah it's a bit odd how any criticism is spun in a certain way

  3. oh damn, yea i guess i didn't really realize what the Arenas provision is.

  4. So, yeah, the thing I agree with here is your general point that a trade for someone like Siakam doesn't put Portland over the top. Most importantly, it takes the sort of assets that leaves them too thin, and without the assets for additional moves. I think they'd actually do better targetting OG, because it's still a huge upgrade but they could potentially come out of it with better depth, as well as the assets necessary to still make additional trades; this is especially true if they can find a third team willing to take Simons and send additional assets back... some pick/future asset for Toronto and some useful roster players for the Blazers.

  5. I actually read that, thanks for the breakdown. I honestly don’t see Masai moving Pascal for that package. I won’t be surprised if the only change that’s made is not resigning Fred

  6. Why keep Pascal if you're going to have Banton as the starting PG?

  7. They aren't going to tear down the team either way. We don't have our pick next year, so even if we go younger and more development focused, the goal will be to win as much as possible, so I don't think it's as black and white as you imply

  8. Yeah even if they trade Pascal for example it won't be for a picks based package

  9. -Doug Smith says the middle of next week at the latest we'll know

  10. It wouldn’t be hard to find someone that wasn’t a family friend of the PM and who wasn’t a member of the Trudeau foundation.

  11. Has that been confirmed? I only rememeber hearing credible reporting that Scariolo is a finalist

  12. Jordi's name has been mentioned by 3 different sources as a name to watch.

  13. The media has to act like this is one small change away from being a tight series that people want to watch. It’s about viewership and money.

  14. Regardless of what team it is, the NBA doesn't prefer short series in the finals.

  15. Miami shot a better percentage than the nuggets from 3pt. This talk is bs.

  16. Just an incredibly passive game in the 2nd half from Jimmy.

  17. Saw someone say that if Jokic goes for 25-10-10 the Nuggets will sweep.

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