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  1. One goes pow pow and the other goes pew pew

  2. So this is why they come with directions

  3. Why do they look like they just struck out on asking Mickey to join them for a threesome?

  4. 10 to 1 says he just wants to hook up and get his defecation port plugged

  5. I don't care if it's sea-through, I aint walking on glass barefoot.

  6. If I remember correctly pigs can eat a raw human in like 7-9 minutes

  7. You damn straight Americans prefers it in the back

  8. Hey man. This comment will prolly get buried with the others, but I just want to say what you must have gone through, and to recover and not give up hope is the most inspirational thing in the world. Being paralyzed is one of my greatest fears and it is absolutely incredible to see someone strong enough to cope with not only the constant threat of death and lonliness but also retain hope for the prospect of your future, and actively work your hardest to get better. I know I'm some guy on the internet who has no right to weigh in on your life, but for what it's worth, I don't believe for a second that any part of you is to blame for your condition. It's easy for some middle-aged soccer mom to preach about saying no to drugs, but hard for people who are surrounded by it, who desperately needs escapes and medications who are forced, one way or another, to use drugs. I know I have, and it has led to my own suite of health conditions (none of which are anywhere nearly as serious or terrifying as yours). Thank you so much for your bravery and determination. Because of you, scientists likely made incredible discoveries. You are not a burden of the health system, you are a f*cking champion.

  9. It's the finger of the last guy who didn't pay

  10. Yeah, that's completely normal, I feel the same way all too often. For me specifically, my social circle was quite large in highschool, and never really had a "best friend." As I got older and my social circle weakend, i felt the same feeling of being alone amoung people. I realize now that at the time, what i needed was a confidant. Not just a friend, not even a bestie for life weehoo, but a full on platonic soulmate. I never had that, in my family growing up or in my friend groups. I always kept myself guarded out of fear of being judged, but that just lead to more isolation and eventually, you'll find yourself alone in a dennys wondering where the hell all your friends went for breakfast.

  11. Same thing other discoveres gave the natives: polio

  12. Crush em up and go sniff sniff

  13. I can only remember people based on what car they drive, or the purse/backpack they use.

  14. The Martian by Andy Weir. Yes, it's definitely a buy

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