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Hello! I am a Brazilian artist and I would like to show my oil paintings. Thank you!

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  1. Definitely looks like cannon ie one of the kinsman's. I do know that it's not the Kinsman Ridge trail as that one kinda follows the tram line and doesn't pass the lake. Do you recall stepping out to a large cliff face on this hike because the cliff where the old man sat is a short walk from the summit if I recall correctly.

  2. Thank you, super helpful. Im trying to remember if there was a cliff face🤔

  3. Thank you!! The pics are from a few years ago hiking with my now bf and we want to hike it again this year!

  4. The foreground makes this picture so special and different. So incredible, i almost get a old film vibe but then the detail of the sky takes it into the future. Very cool

  5. If you are down for a little ~work~ park at the first lot on the right when you pull into beavertail state park. Theres a little trail off to the right upper corner. Follow it and go to the left when it forks. You open up to the ocean cliff. Go left or right and with some agility climb down to the water in these little private coves. Ive seen dogs of all sizes, kids, but mostly young adults chillin. No fee to get in. You can sometimes be the only person there all day. Keep an eye on the tide. Dont recommend and hour or so before/after high tide

  6. Theres a beach we call risd beach but looks like on google maps for parking its called tillinghast place. i believe theres a risd building on the property. But theres parking/bike racks. A little walk over a grassy hill and you are at the beach. People bring their dogs, no lifeguards so drinking is fine. Its free. And noone will bother you. Its on the same road as barrington beach.

  7. Get AirTags on your dogs collars people! Only way to track them down unless you have an expensive gps collar, but AirTags are $30.

  8. Wow, thanks for sharing. Where is the one with the man and the rat?

  9. If your on the corner of Washington st and clemence st you can see it tucked in behind the building in thr parking lot

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