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  1. And not one cent will be reinvested in the team you see on the field.

  2. DAVE: It’s a sad day when I can’t trust pro wrestlers as sources.

  3. I think Meltzer is the last person on earth to come to the realization that people in the wrestling business like, like a LOT.

  4. Sometimes I think he is the most naive person ever and I love him for that.

  5. Are you saying if I go to the port o potty at shattered it will take me into the closed vault or is this a hack/glitch?

  6. Nah, it's one of those rift event things that appears every so often. I was west of shattered when i found it.

  7. Gotcha! Thanks. Figured it was too good to be something we could all access.

  8. "How big is Batista's dick?"

  9. Marty: now I’m not gay but I watched Batista shower…

  10. I’m in the uk and it was a mystery box from a website that commonly sells harder to get pops

  11. Thanks. Yeah I’m the US. Not quite sure what US based companies do top tier mystery boxes. Nice pull.

  12. Chalice collectibles does them, different themes, guaranteed value, I just ordered one I plan to open it up Friday.

  13. All these fantasy gms and media want to bad mouth every team for not going after Lamar but many teams have legit reasons why they can’t entertain the idea even though they’d love to have Lamar. You have to have so much money clear just to attempt to sign lamar knowing that Ravens could match. Then you still owe 2 first round picks.

  14. The part of Bill Murray will now be played by Tom Hanks.

  15. I have a couple of the ones in this line. I love them because the cover flips back and reveals what’s inside. I prefer them to remain in the box.

  16. Disney casting directors looking for the new Doom right about now.

  17. Jack Black was one of Dennis Leary’s gang in Demolition Man

  18. Mine says the 28th still on iPad and iPhone 😭🤷🏻‍♂️

  19. Give me a sword and glider and I am unbeatable! Then again I will also never beat anyone but I’m fine with that. Just let me be spiderman moving through out the city.

  20. That drive down 95 is like Fury Road too. Watch our for tires and furniture just sitting in the middle of the road.

  21. Nah just pay $10 to use the express lane but be warned sometimes that’s where the trouble is and you are paying to go slower than the non pay lanes.

  22. 790 or 560 is now conservative Cuban radio apparently. Whats with old cubans and talk radio? Some one please explain.

  23. So long, Tobacco Road. South Florida is the new college basketball epicenter. 💪

  24. Both schools Technically off of I95 … although I95 ends before it gets to Coral Gables. Yeah no roads sound as cool as Tobacco Road in South Florida.

  25. FSU obviously is quite a distance north but yeah FIU alumni are here saying WTF!

  26. Amazing. Canes women lost tonight but made it to the elite 8 as a 9 seed as well! Just great.

  27. Before 2022, San Diego State, Florida Atlantic, and Miami FL had a combined zero Elite Eights. Now they're all in the Final Four together

  28. Can’t believe Miami went to the Elite 8 last year and then they were disrespected all season as if that was a fluke. Glad they had a chip on their shoulder.

  29. Lol you must be loving life right now with those flairs

  30. I’m on cloud 9! FAU is my Alma Mater. Grew up a Canes fan. Never been more excited as a college basketball fan. It’s surreal.

  31. Feel free to tell others of the “golden days” youngins. We had no Chick Fil A and no Starbucks in the breezeway.

  32. The over saturation is obviously a huge problem. It hit its pop culture peak and now stores are downsizing the space for funkos. Funko needs to adjust their business model or they will implode.

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