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  1. Try to handle things one at a time. I don't know how to handle a girl but what I do know is how to handle investments. Your father did have a point there my dude, I assume you live in a 1st world country like the US or canada, so its going to be very difficult to afford a place to stay in the near future. Worry not, real estate is one the most resilient and lucrative industry. Even in the 2007 financial crises, it only tool 2 years for prices to stabilize then start growing in a incredible pace again. I also assume that you took out a mortgage for the property. As long as the location is decent and the deals you made in the bank were decent, it will probably be okay. The only problem there is that you weren't ready yet. Investments in general requires that you be mentally prepared if things start to go south.

  2. I really do appreciate this sir And believe me when I say I'm at the top of my job. So the only way higher is out. But not as yet!

  3. Sorry you have such a full plate but you will get thru this! Closing on a house and then moving can be incredibly stressful. You got this, you will be fine.

  4. Just know you are not alone. As someone who has made everyone else's happiness a priority over my own, I know exactly how you feel. I have been there for everyone who needed support, but when I need it there is no one to be found.

  5. I have been there and still struggle. Is there anything that you like to do at this moment even if it is sleeping?

  6. Omg this is the coolest thing ever. I wish we had one in university! Heck I want one in my house!

  7. Being an emotional mess doesn't make you a bad person. The kind, good things you do make you a GOOD person. Being broken probably helps you be better to people than you think you do. You do deserve the good life has to offer!! Stay strong!!

  8. Hi hi M/31 can est I love gw2 but I haven't played recently because my friend quit it. Been play random stuff recently ffxiv, valorant, phasmophobia etc. I'm usually on 8pm-1130pm est. As I do work. Gw2 - ele and mes on CD mainly do pve and light wvw. Factuals, farming, collections etc Feel free to dm me if you like 😀

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