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Fifa and Qatar in urgent talks after Wales rainbow hats confiscated | Fifa and the Qataris were in talks on the matter on Tuesday, where Fifa reminded their hosts of their assurances before the tournament that everyone was welcome and rainbow flags would be allowed.

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i trust google on this

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  1. Who even needs central heating during the summer?! I recall one year I had a flatmate who had it set to 25C (77F) in his room, I would have found that unpleasantly warn even undressed. Took a record breaking heatwave this summer (and freakishly hot weather for the UK in general) for me to be just about ok with that sort of temperature (for a while at least), and even then was still hotter than I'd have liked...

  2. Could be central AC which cools and heats and he prefers it cooled down to 22 during the summer. That’s what we usually do in Australia.

  3. Because the average temperature is already around 21-24.

  4. So that motor will short out when submerged, right? I figure most of it is water proof but not meant to be underwater proof.

  5. Even if the electronics were proofed it’s still an ICE. No air no combustion.

  6. Me neither! Between how popular is football compared to cricket in Australia? Is winning a football world cup match considered higher than winning a cricket world cup?

  7. Both are pretty unpopular with cricket being slightly more popular. AFL and Rugby is way hype look at State of Origin for example.

  8. I love how she said she was tired because she got there two hours early. Isn’t that what everyone else had to do on that plane?

  9. That’s not what she said. If you re listen she says she’s tired because she’s been flying for 20 hours.

  10. Murica is big. Lets see how many are in 5 times (pulling out of my ass) smaller Europe

  11. That’s it? Just in the state of NSW alone the total protected land is just over 19 million acres. Australia’s total protected area including state and national parks is also larger with Australia coming in at 586,417 square miles and the US with 477,024.

  12. I don’t think all train rails do. I’m pretty sure all underground rails do

  13. Maybe in the states above and below ground trains are powered overhead in Australia.

  14. our freight trains run on diesel, subways and light rail is mostly electric

  15. Same here diesel-electric trains for freight and cross country trains and overhead powered electric trains for city, light rail and trams.

  16. What if one of the kids run across the street? Do they not do that in Spain?

  17. Pretty sure only US and Canada have their funky school buses with stop signs. Kids are taught common sense where I’m from.

  18. And the climate is closer to the UK, in mirror image ie the South is wetter than the north

  19. You go too far north and it’s just as wet but also 40+ constantly.

  20. Alright, Greece can have it. They have been screwed over on the Elgin Marbles.

  21. Yeah, we're 7 now. But seriously everyone kinda forgets were not toddlers bc "2009 wasn't that long ago"

  22. Sure, thats why Apple. Sony, Bose etc need to do user-tailored sound curves (audiogram), and for low to low/moderate hearing loss is probably fine for most.

  23. Is it only for pros or for standard ones too

  24. Regular AirPods don’t have transparency or noise cancellation.

  25. I think like. The only area of Australia I can name is Darwin

  26. New South Wales, Tasmania, South Australia and West Australia?

  27. *Western Australia And you’re missing Victoria, Queensland, Northern Territory and the Australian Capital Territory.

  28. Not terrible. It’s just that they use loads of make up and fake tan compared to other countries. Most manage to look stunning, but be ready for the shock after they wash it off…

  29. If North Korea starts shit it won’t be a world war. It’ll be a world record for a country becoming a desert.

  30. The 110km/h speed limits on our intercity motorways.

  31. Council is our smallest form of local government. I think in canada and usa they might say "the town".

  32. In the states I think the equivalent would be the county.

  33. Pretty sure hiluxes are made in Thailand and most Toyotas.

  34. The Polish PM called for emergency meeting of their security council. The time has come!!

  35. If you break down in the outback you die very quickly from heat exhaustion unless you’re well prepared.

  36. Australian. Britain refers to the island of Great Britain which contains Wales England and Scotland. Saying that England and Britain are the same thing is false.

  37. In what country? If it’s the US then I understand why.

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