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  1. Every adult I in the family was killed in a two year period leaving only children left to pick up the pieces after the dance.

  2. Also, most of the dragon care was done by the keepers, not th Targs. And they were all killed during the storming of the pit.

  3. First off, don't "confess" ask her out. Confessing is the emotional equivalent of a cat leaving a dead bird on your doorstep.

  4. It sounds like this guy said something sexist, was told it didn't apply because that person is non-binary, so he responded by being sexist and transphobic. Definitely not a "burn" because burns are well crafted insults.

  5. It's called a quarter life crisis but it's absolutely normal to have an existential freak out in your 20s.

  6. Yeah because all the good spells that you cast every day have costly/consumed components...

  7. What size portion? Do you have the sesame chicken strips? The appetizer is 10€

  8. I checked their menu. It’s 280gr (9,8 oz) for 30€ so the difference in weight is not that much.

  9. The European steak costs about 25% more. A normal tip is 20%. Doesn't seem that complicated to me.

  10. So here’s a similar example, let me know what you think. I have an issue with anxiety, and I talk to her about that. I tell her I want to go to therapy to work through it, but I haven’t done it yet. She still brings it up and reminds me and talks to me about it.

  11. Not gonna tell you how you should feel but for me it would depend on context. Checking in on your goals together is good and healthy, but it has to be done with care so it doesn't come across as nagging. Is she being respectful of your mental state when she brings it up?

  12. In terms of sexual consent and lifetime commitments, absolutely. For the little things, it's ok to round up so long as everyone is doing an equal amount of it.

  13. The reason you haven't seen any of what you're describing is because that's not what cultural appropriation means. It's what it's been watered down and misinterpreted as by people who don't want to listen to actual concerns.

  14. It's not really realistic if you've already fallen in love prior to asking someone out. If you read up about it, love is basically a mental condition that forces your mind to hyper-obsess about someone for about a year, and that's not a good foundation for a friendship.

  15. There are many types of love. What you're describing is obsession. It's not a healthy foundation for a friendship or a romantic relationship.

  16. Info: Did you agree that doing laundry was going to be her chore or did you just start doing this and expect her to pick up the slack?. It takes 20 seconds to dump in clothes and push a button and much longer to hang them out to dry.

  17. There is a kernel of truth here. It's not about being a homemaker it's about your future security.

  18. NTA. You have provided a solution that requires almost no effort on his part. It isn't fair to blame you because he didn't do it.

  19. That's fair, but I do think it's possible. Occam's razor says he's just a dummy though.

  20. Tinfoil hat time: Twitter has been used to organize protests and grassroots movements worldwide. Specifically the Arab Spring was all twitter. The ultra wealthy stick together.

  21. Fireball is a deeply overrated spell. I'm sorry you were disappointed but there are much cooler third levels you could take now instead.

  22. Both are excellent spells! Hypnotic pattern will probably make your DM regret their choices at some point.

  23. Silverwing and Dreamfyre both seem like lovers, not fighters. As much as a dragon can be at least.

  24. If someone is “polite” without kindness… that reminds of of the airplane attendants saying “bubye” after the flight.. it isn’t really polite, in my opinion… I think that’s more courtesy than polite… or underhanded politeness, which is neither nice or polite… this may deserve a Venn Diagram 😂

  25. As a female, i need explanation on why you feel insulted by this comment. I want to understand

  26. I didn’t mind them not fighting as much last season because they are adults and generally as an adult you’ve been taught or learned to try to avoid confrontation like that. But as teenagers your first instinct is to attack because you don’t know better

  27. I think they talked about it on a teen talk. The adults had the mission of finding their kids and getting home safely while kids think they're immortal.

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