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  1. So click no tip, it’s that easy. Or you’re karma farming

  2. But asking for tips at a self checkout is

  3. Okay? You can skip, or give a custom amount that is less than that...

  4. How about adding the usual 10%, 15%, 20% to the menu instead of expecting a 50% tip ? People wanting to tip more can use the custom option.

  5. It's not that serious y'all are really overreacting lol. You just need to click 2 extra buttons.

  6. ألا لعنة الله عليك

  7. someone else in the comments mentioned they purchased from the brand but it wasn't very good quality fyi

  8. Once we figured out it existed, we learned to avoid it. No current flight paths through it now.

  9. A quick check of a site like Flightradar24 will show that the area is not avoided.

  10. You are correct, however, logic and reasoning are not welcome here Koala😄

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