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  1. Yeah, I don’t understand why so many people so mixed about kiryu return… This was honestly my wish from 2 years ago, kiryu and ichiban needed a game together

  2. Tbf, does kinda undermine him bowing out, and it's the first game developed entirely without Nagoshi, so you can see why the reactions were mixed.

  3. Where are those people now. Half the country seem to have vanished

  4. Reminds me of the story of Chen Sheng, a Chinese general who rebelled against the Qin after showing up late to a battle.

  5. Yeah because popular anime on the toonami block once a week get cancelled also.. because they’re niche and popular. 240k on a basic cable channel is pretty bad. Even after midnight. Adult swim still gets 1 mill+ for the midnight shows. So 800,000 people turned the tv when shenmue came on.

  6. I hope that weird racist person doesn't wear any western clothing or participate in any sort of western culture.

  7. I got downvoted for simply stating I started with Kiwami lol, some people in this sub need to get a fucking life

  8. The personality stats also make you impervious to debuff etc, it's well worth maxing these out.

  9. I've said it before and I'll say it again, Kuze as a boxer in the Tokyo 1960 Olympics, sequel to this is Kazama in the student riots in 68.

  10. Most of the leavers I spoke to (in Sunderland as it happens) wanted to "give those arseholes [politicians] in London a bloody nose" because "everything round here has been going backwards for decades and they haven't lifted a bloody finger to help". Hadly xenophobia and imperials nostalgia.

  11. Well depends if going backwards is a dog whistle for something racist. Maybe scratch the surface and you'll see something a bit more sinister than what you're suggesting.

  12. No, by going backwards they mean the economic collapse that the region has been in since the 80s - some of them lived through it (I was a kid so I saw and felt the impact directly, but wasn't in the workforce).

  13. Daigo's cooler dad (that's more like a brother let's be real, that 8 year age gap tho)

  14. I mean a lot of my day is trying to stop doctors killing my patients but maybe that's just me.

  15. Haha, I heard a CNS I used to work with say that once, and tbf it was true on a few occasions.

  16. The best thing is the relaxing play. It never gets annoying or stressful. When you play play, yakuza, the street battles are almost constant, you can't turn them off, and for me, it creates annoyance. Shenmue probably has the most pleasant environments in gaming.

  17. I played YK1 YK2 Y3-5 (via remastered) then 0, followed by 6. If you do this order, when playing the K2, leave out the Majima saga until you have played Y0.

  18. Totally agree. Can't wait for 8 either, gonna give LAD a cheeky new game plus before it's release as a refresher beforehand if I can as well.

  19. Please do! You won't get the story for starters, and the previous games are far better!

  20. Shenmue is awesome but Shenmue II has always been my favorite. It's faster paced, working is optional, you have the option to skip time, and the story deepens significantly. It's also a much larger world and a much busier world. Enjoy your time in Shenmue II!

  21. As a graffiti artist these are some of the shittiest tags I've ever seen. could they not hire a graf writer instead of a graphic design student?

  22. So much of this guys screen time couldve been given to the California group.

  23. He’s such a good character. I’m genuinely curious why you don’t like him

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