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  1. Your sibling gotta be honest with herself and come to the realization that she just lost her AirPod, sucks but it is what it is. Best of luck

  2. Honestly wish I wasn't after going to the Twitter link

  3. This was an event on Banana's Bungalow if you were wondering.

  4. Love that server, only one where it's 30 players, no FF, and the rounds aren't too long.

  5. Very nice stuff! Now do one where one of them closes a door on the others. But overall, 👍

  6. I believe it has to do with the original manga interpretation in Japanese, if you read the page in the original Japanese text, you could understand the characters used to make the joke. I don't understand it either but all in due time.

  7. You're watching a video of someone(s) killing defenseless animals, and you're confused about who the anger is being directed at? Come on..really?

  8. It's because he used they and thought he was referring to the people for a second, that's why I commented mate.

  9. they literally arrested the man, what do you want?

  10. Did you not watch the video and understand the context mate?

  11. I know, I love Robots, one of my favorite movies, in the Hispanic dub there's an extra song in the credits that rocks lol, made by the VA of Rodney (or the protagonist since I don't know if it's the same name in english) who was a well known singer

  12. Ooo nice, I might check out that song. Rodney was the name of the protagonist, thank your for telling me all this. :D

  13. Lol is that the new "no really shes 100 years old, shes just trapped in a childs body"

  14. Naw, as long as you don't actually look at him.

  15. Oh, i didnt, i actually just found the video on a spanish sub, then i thought i would give it subtitles and post it here

  16. Where did you find it? I'd love to watch this. :D

  17. Very nice! Lots of detail and effort put into this. 👍

  18. Great cosplay, just funny name to go with that cosplay, I'm thinking Jose Jotaro

  19. Hispanic Culture, the party always last till 3 am, with you sleeping over and some fight breaks out.

  20. Last time I visited Spain this chick asked me for a lighter after a bar night and went like "What lighter? You're not getting anything back" which almost sparked a fight between 6 men and two women until I got my lighter back lol.

  21. Pretty funny story, I'm talking about Mexican-Americans here in the U.S but I like how the people came around for you.

  22. Giorno be looking better on the left one, something about the amount of palm holding on his right cheek.

  23. That first pic seems familiar, was that taken on the FurryHub world?

  24. The game is fun? You have an opinion but the game isn't objectively bad.

  25. Tyr to balance out your classes, also, make sure you are taking enough classes per the sample course for your degree.

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