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  1. velma from scooby doo. still would tbf. also, black cat from the spider-man 2 game did things

  2. Black Cat/Felicia is always on my list. Wish she got some movie presence as well!

  3. Unfortunately this is not available in Ukraine

  4. Ages ago, PG Tips had an advert where they had chimpanzees doing things, like having dinner and wearing bowler hats. Heard they were paid a good wage as well.

  5. Oh man it’s my birthday on March 26 that would be the best gift ever!

  6. IF this is true and if this is just one long contrived way to get Ghost Spider into the game, I quit

  7. it (if it’s true) would unfortunately make sense because why has there been no mention of peter’s gwen at ALL?! they’re defo heading into a ghost-spider direction, multiverse or not. she’ll be miles’ love interest blah blah blah

  8. If we must have a 3rd spider I’d opt for Silk instead. New powers for gameplay, and an easily written in origin that doesn’t require realities. Just say she’s been locked away at OSCORP all this time as a human lab rat

  9. to return: most of the suits tbh. to remove: the fact the game pauses after completing a mission on MM

  10. It's probably a 'lovingly handcrafted, artisanal pie with foraged ingredients and its own degree in computer science' served with a 'microbrewed seasonal IPA brewed with wild yeast cultivated under a Scottish free range jakey's bawbag'

  11. We welcome the posts of excitement because we want to be a place others can share there joy. We want to be welcoming to those just discovering lego. We love that for some its collecting, for others is building the odd set… for some again its trying to create something new.

  12. Season 2 would be dope if we see Detective Greene interacting with Dre, with also the media circus that stems from Dre's trial (With Donald Glover potentially making a commentary on with media's obsession with serial killers, whilst completely forgetting the victims rather than focusing on stan culture)

  13. i have the hoodie version on mine but both are good. hoodie version adds more variety imo

  14. Also a school counselor who used to be a hippy and tries too hard to fit in with the kids.

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