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  1. The Rhoda saga was Lorne at his absolute worst, imo. Not only was Rhoda barely legal and mentally a child due to her clear cognitive impairments, but she was the daughter of the woman he claimed to love. He went behind Winnie’s back to seduce her clearly retarded baby.

  2. Ragnacawk... and why wasn't the little boy turned into a little preashush princess?

  3. Does Lorne still wear that Bluetooth currently or are all these pictures from the early 2000’s?

  4. He doesn’t only wear it still, he will wear it to bed in case his catfish gf wants to call and y’all to him at night. It’s so he won’t sleep through the phone.

  5. Don’t forget, he has to leave his phone on a windowsill in one specific spot or else he doesn’t get cell service, so he wears the headset to walk around and talk lmao

  6. I thought the robot dropped some pretty obvious clues that James is gay.

  7. That was my first thought as well, "ok so he obviously moved the mirror into the kitchen door for some reason... Why??"

  8. Here’s my social security number and passwords to all my bank log-ins! I lahhve yew🥴

  9. There should never be a fat person ontop of a horse… seeing TWO ontop of him?! Fuck off!

  10. Over my dead fucking body. You’d have to kill me before I’d let any child go with a nasty old pervert to be married… let alone my own child!

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