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  1. The ethnicity in Israel faces genocide. That is what is desired for them by the Palestinians and the 6 countries that tried to take them down. It's why Israel has mandatory military service, and why every citizen of age is trained for combat in the entire country. Your opinion, and mine don't really matter much to be honest. Israel defeated 6 nations with a force that vastly outnumbered them with minimal casualties compared to what they inflicted. They earned the right to exist in a far more spectacular fashion than your internet screeching. Go defeat them if you want them to be wiped out so bad. Make sure you do a live feed for the lulz.

  2. The only reason they were able to do that was because they were funded by the West. You're literally making it might makes right argument which is ironically what the Nazis made when deciding to put people in camps

  3. You just sound ignorant, and stupid at this point. Funding didn't create their proficiency. Knowing they were fighting for their very existence is a lot more motivating than doing it because your government told you to go commit genocide. Like I said go over there, and convince them not to exist, or you're just some little word weasel twat on Reddit that hates a country.

  4. I'm drunk skimming it but I don't see any statements about belief here, just reporting what was said

  5. I find i super sus she ENDS the article with this

  6. If Destiny is allowed to use the n word, gay men are allowed to call each other 🚬s

  7. It actually is true for some sports. The reason there is a woman's ice skating division is bc a woman was about to be crowned international champion

  8. Please please please have Flash Thompson fail out of MIT, join the military, and become Agent Venom

  9. The government spending is not the most major factor in inflation. It's the supply chain issues. It's very easy to prove as you can see similar levels of inflation in different countries that had different levels of government spending in response to Covid but are suffering the same across the board from supply shocks.

  10. He is a billionaire, he can afford to hire people to help him seem normal

  11. Karolyn Borysenko is a well known right wing grifter who got booted off PragerU for saying Hitler went to heaven

  12. i agree, everything that's bad is bad in exactly the same way and to exactly the same degree, and the US state department specifically hasn't ever picked the worst possible group in a local dust-up to give lots of aid to, which never once has that made an already bad situation way the fuck worse in the near future

  13. They gave to the overall government and the government dispersed the aid. This is the same as people concern trolling over welfare bc statistically speaking, some of it might be used on drugs

  14. Nooooo we can't lend aid to a country having its sovereignty threatened by its dumbass neighbor, some of the money might go to BAD people :(

  15. Based MRA Vaush is just correct. All women should shut their mouths and accept they have no worth to civilian outside of being baby vessels.

  16. I’m dumb and gay. I’m definitely not mad about the tweet, but I do think it was kind of dumb.

  17. Stop accepting the framing of people who were never going to give you good faith framing in the first place

  18. They are doing it overtly even still! They just got busted for doing it again this month but there is no mass protest or outrage about it because the average person does not give a shit. They have the privacy law on the books and then let their freinds violate them to give themselves plausible deniability.

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