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  1. “The internet(tumblr) brings back dead jokes that wished to stay dead”

  2. I can totally understand what you describe ! This is so weird x)

  3. For which campaign, I see what you did there !

  4. I give me hope also I love to see this kind of thing in the wild. It feels like the universe giving me a hug

  5. J'adooore ! Très fan critical role, dimension 20. Je regarde un peu le monde D'Aria de fibre tigre mais j'aime bien quand même :3


  7. I went to your site and it's soo good ! Really detailed work overthere thank you !

  8. Heyy I'm (F, 26) Grey sexual (Aego to be precise) and my boyfriend (M, 25) is hypersexual we used to be in this situation.

  9. Non on est 2 a pas l'avoir reçu pour le moment

  10. I've read semantic error on manga buddy :)

  11. Alors je connais quelqu'un qui y travaillais en tant que développeur et c'était une mauvaise expérience. Les conditions de travail n'étaient vraiment pas idéale.

  12. Let's gooo I thought it too, thank you !

  13. That's hilarious ! I'm french too but from France and I never seen any Dan and Phil related merch in English or in French x)

  14. Here ya go! Did a little google search for you :) It’s quite pricey, but you can find similar on ASOS 💛 Edit: his clothes are normally easy to find, just search a description and write designer after it 😂😂

  15. It's so expensive :O He is killing it don't get me wrong but daaaamn

  16. I’m guessing he’s wearing the same outfit every night for the whole tour, so the price would even out after time 😂

  17. The best spot to read and enjoy something sweet is definitely "L' antre de Calliopée" which is a coffee book shop specialised in SF and Fantasy book.

  18. what! specializes in SF?! I'm gonna go check that out. thank you!

  19. Yes it's a really wonderfull place !!! I was so happy when I found it ! Enjoy !

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