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  1. Hong kong haha, next time I go to the pet market I'll post a photo of the mass centipede sale, conditions are usually pretty poor since they are considered feeder insects.

  2. How tall is that tank? I would suggest a lid, to keep in humidity as well though. It might stay in there for a bit. But the thing is, they like to hide, so you won't know when it escapes if it dose.

  3. its like 80cm tall, the species I have no idea, just got it for like 2USD as a feeder so they don't tell you the species.

  4. Was it Estonia? There is a lot of pink distorted coloured areas in Estonia.

  5. It's a legitimate concern to wonder if kingdom will finish. Even more so for someone like me who loves Berserk and loves Hunter xHunter. We're hundreds of chapters in, and Zhao still has some way to being conquered. Not one of the other 5 kingdoms have been conquered yet. But then again that all depends on whether or not the goal is to the end at unification or beyond or even before that. If I had to give a straight answer I want to say yes but I'm honestly not sure.

  6. If Hara stays faithful to history, following shin, there will likely be a timeskip. I won't give historical spoilers, but I find it unlikely that we will see the unification from beginning to end.

  7. I tried to move my ants (lasius niger) from tube 1 to tube 2 because there is no water in tube 1 and i wasn't succesful. I tried putting some food in tube 2 but it didn't work. I also tried putting both of tubes in one small container but it didn't work either. I don't know what to do now, that's why i came here.

  8. You could try placing them mouth to mouth, I find that works well for smaller colonies. Have the 2 tubes facing each other as close as possible, cover the tube you want them to move into, and then shine a light on the old tube. If there is a way to partially cover the mouth of the second tube, do it, as I find smaller colonies move quicker into tubes with small entrances.

  9. where did you catch these

  10. He checks the DNA test for his child, realises it is not his, and tells the kid to call him by his first name, as they are not related.

  11. have fun never seeing your colony if you put a queen and 3 workers in there

  12. There is an open world where you join up with a fief/clan, and capture territory and resources, which you can use to build unit kits, etc. The actual battles are similar to for honour, you are a powerful hero of a chosen class, and you can command a range of units to support. There are sieges where you team up with other heroes and their units to capture or defend a city, and field battles, where to battle over points. Over time you get stronger weapons, armour, and imporved skills.

  13. The best way to memorise is to practice without the score, and correct mistakes over time... I am classically trained, so I don't have much experience with jazz, but here is my recommendation. Given that you practically have no time left, I would just try to burn the score, and fingering into your head, make sure you know the rythm and notes of the tune, even if it is just in your head. If you know the exact rythm and sound of the notes, even if you don't fully remember the fingering, your muscle memory can help complete it. Trust muscle memory to take you through the harder/faster parts. Don't overpractice the day before, and don't overthink when it comes time to play. Good luck!

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