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A nice story from the police auction.

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  1. Lenox Park has units with hardwood floor and modern appliances but not in the bedrooms. You can also try affinity on Georgia some of their units are entirely hardwood floor

  2. Was I going crazy or did he look a lot like the dude from Game of Thrones?

  3. This is such a lovely story <3 thank you for sharing it!

  4. Adding in another endorsement for SheFit. I feel very secure in them!

  5. Wow!! That is seriously a dope find :) also I love the way your room is decorated/set up!!

  6. Gammy is on the NOSE about this one. For me, what was most frustrating was Jada comparing the experiences of what her children go through as young black kids with what Olivia Jade went through. They are absolutely not the same thing. I think Gammy is more aware of the distinctions because she spent more of her life being poor and struggling than Jada did and it's easier for Gammy to put it in perspective. You could really see the frustration on her face when Jada was being so overly accommodating to Olivia Jade and what she had to say.

  7. He lowkey looks like he could be a younger Lenny Bruce in this screenshot

  8. I started watching the show a few days ago myself and I feel the same way; she seems pretty healthy with exercising often, being quite flexible and relatively mobile. I wish she would learn to focus less on Numbers/calorie counts etc. and more on just eating more nutrient dense foods and knowing that it's okay to have a snack and enjoy it. I'm only a couple episodes into Season 1 so I hope she continues to grow and develop a healthier relationship with food. Def agree with the other comments on the thread here!

  9. Wow you look amazing!! I'm considering getting a chop; do you think it helped define your curl pattern? I feel like my long hair is weighing it down right now

  10. okay!! he played me to sent me a whole samurai wig loool

  11. OMFG not the know she was ready to beat his ass!!

  12. If I don't pick at these pimples now, I'll just pop them by accident while showering or washing my face. So I should just pick at them now.

  13. LITERALLY...I had a white head that i wanted to put a pimple patch over and let heal over night but nope...came off during my second cleanse and bled like crazy

  14. Definitely look into an oil or balm cleanser. Organic grapeseed oil is a great option if you have acne prone skin!

  15. I treat it like a retinol and use it over my moisturizer after it's dried down. I use a little less than a dime size amount and find it spreads easily. I avoid using it on damp skin cause the formula has caused some irritation for me when I do it that way!

  16. CeraVe healing ointment has helped me heal scarring! it is nice and occlusive and has ceramides in it

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