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I've been skipping (bin diving) for years as my main source of food. AMA !

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  1. Even thought it’s not fantastic in terms of flexibility I love my arms warrior, all the talent setups feel fantastic to play it’s just a shame you have to specialize so hard.

  2. It‘s been implied that Onyxia and Nefarian were closer than just brother and sister, and that’s why Nefarian seems to have an obsession with reviving Onyxia every single time. In Beyond the Dark Portal (2008 WoW novel), it’s described that Onyxia curved her “delicate pale fingers around his (Nefarian’s) powerful bicep”. And if you use the wayback machine on WoW’s original webpage about the Onyxia raid, it’s mentioned that Onyxia constantly flew between her lair and Nefarian’s in Blackrock.

  3. Only in the sense that they’re the same species. Alexstraza isn’t the mother of all the red dragons, just like how Deathwing/Neltharion wasn’t the father of all black dragons. Onyxia can choose any other dragon/drake in the flight but it’s implied it’s Nefarian who fathers her whelps.

  4. Where did all the other dragons come from? AFAIK the only modern dragons created were the aspects when blessed by the keepers.

  5. Bro what? I can assure you that ain’t what happened 😂

  6. Nope, when it gets super cold I stop going and when I get back in the spring I have the same skill level

  7. My only complaint so far has been Majordomo’s voice actor. That dude is lucky he got paid. It just sounds like some guy from Silicon Valley reading the most dry boring script ever in his studio apartment. The lack of emotion and connection in each voice line is jarring but he had one of the main roles.

  8. B because I love those shows but it’s really hard because I love ‘72 and Blues for Allah.

  9. I wasn't thrilled about hearing about Pratt's casting, and yes, it didn't sound like he was doing much with it in the teaser compared to what jack Black brought to his character. I could hear some kind of NY accent or something in the 2nd line, it just wasn't enough dialog to judge IMO. I'll reserve judgement until we get more.

  10. Martinet was originally hired to be the voice for a Mario speaking role at a convention.

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