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  1. Many of us prefer smaller ones over bigger ones. It's just that the ones who prefer the big ones are either more vocal or perhaps somewhat of a majority but I promise you that there are a lot of us men who prefer somewhat smaller ones.

  2. For me it is mostly that my stamina has been affected a lot by this.

  3. Unless you are either extremely talented or live in the US where they do some research for undergraduates programs then during your PhD is the time where it happens for the majority of us. I tried during my Master thesis to do some research but it didn't result in anything really. My first paper was in my PhD, as is is the case for most of the people I know.

  4. I am very surprised what the issue is. Surely this close to release everything must be fully finished, I doubt they waited just a day before to realize "whoops we don't have time to finish the project". So it must be some bureaucratic or other type of last minute issue which hopefully won't keep us waiting too long.

  5. It's because The former Chairman of China pass away recently, all things about Entertainment are postponed during the Period of mourning

  6. I see, thank you. Do you know how long this period lasts?

  7. If I understand it, does this mean that if Earth radius is R and we are inside the Earth at a distance r from its center where r

  8. I was pretty disappointed with the first season. Is season two worth a go?

  9. It is way, way worse. I stopped watching because as long as we watch (even if it is hate watching) we indirectly still support them.

  10. All the time, it is incredibly common at all levels. And when I say all levels I am not talking about high-school to university bachelor. I am even talking about researchers and professors at leading universities. It is impossible to remember everything.

  11. This is probably a silly question, but I’m a HS senior hoping to pursue math research/academia—do tests ever stop? I think the thing I hate about most is tests and exams because it always makes me stress and feel bad about myself even though I know that I know the material, plus it limits my ability to investigate the math ideas I come up with frequently because I have to memorize fifty billion inverse hyperbolic integral identities instead of investigate fun things like the coordinate system of an egg.

  12. Get ready for a lot of them in the future. You have to pass tests on all your courses in your undergraduate program and your Master program after (in Europe it is a Master's degree, in the US it is the first couple of years of graduate school and then usually they got a PhD qualifying test to continue with PhD studies).

  13. Doctors and engineers going by their day.

  14. I always suspected that Roko's Basilisk isn't an infohazard, seemed way too far-fetched to me. But is there a convincing argument I can read that clearly explains why it's not an infohazard?

  15. I don't think you can find such an argument. Similar to something like "If you don't pray every night then you will burn in hell forever". You can't really construct a good argument about why this is not the case, you can only use common sense that this is highly unlikely to be true.

  16. Unless they are research problems, multiple days sounds bit too much to me. I trust it's fun and then it is a right thing to do - but purely from a learning perspective, I would expect some cap like 2-3 hours per problem to be reasonable. Usually if I wouldn't figure it out within that time frame, I didn't know well enough what's going on and could use reading solution.

  17. In grad courses there are often home exams with a few weeks deadline where every problem requires considerable more time than just 3 hours to solve. It has often been the case for me that I solved a problem after many hours of thinking while at first it seemed impossible. Of course a line needs to be drawn and it is hard to tell when to give up. And this of course applies to real research problems as well. Who knows how many problems would have been solved if people spent some more months at them and who knows how many more would have been solved if people haven't wasted months instead on other problems they couldn't solve in the end anyway.

  18. It really depends on your math level. Spending hours for every problem isn't helpful when you are in school. But if you are in advanced university classes, it can often take a couple of hours just to understand what the problem is even about and try to get started.

  19. I think if someone manages to understand the proof and communicate it to others, then Mochizuki deserves credit (because he managed to communicate it to someone else, even if not everyone).

  20. Agreed. To put a sci fi spin to it, assume we find a manuscript from an alien civilization claiming a proof of the Riemann Hypothesis. Their language is completely indecipherable to everyone. However, one day some linguist manages to decipher it and thus translates it to a proof understandable by everyone. Is that linguist claimed to have proven it? Surely some significant credit and recognition should be given to the linguist but ultimately to the question of "who proved it" I would still say that the main credit goes to the aliens.

  21. I was given an assignment and I thought it was duo to next week Friday but its this week so tomorrow so I have 2 questions left and this is one of them. The question just says proof it for all N values

  22. This subreddit is more about learning math and less about doing your homework under time pressure.

  23. Not a Stoic perspective but since these scams are becoming increasingly common and are very sophisticated (they take months of catfishing, not days) I encourage everyone to look up and read up on the so-called "pig butchering scam".

  24. What you described is text book pig butchering scam. They text you a lot, gain your trust etc. It's always an attractive Asian girl supposedly. Except that this person actually exists and can even video chat with you sometimes. The scammers hire some girls that can video chat, do audio messages, send selfies etc to gain the victim's trust. Some people have lost fortunes if you read online about it. It is a very sophisticated scam that targets educated and smart people unlike the classic Nigerian prince ones.

  25. Yes, ”agree/unite” (form a unity, en- means ”one”). Regarding -s, this is a reciprocal form of the verb where people reciprocate the action. Same as with ”kramas”. Edit, clarification: In English you would add ”with eachother” to the sentence but with the reciprocal verb form in Swedish it is implied.

  26. Thank you! Would it be correct and equivalent to then say 'vi måste ena med varandra' to mimic the English way of saying it like you said?

  27. You need the -s at the end when it's two (or more) people acting on each other reciprocally.

  28. I dont get what the fuck you all are Talking about. I have never had any problems, get appointments within 1-2 weeks, and then they refer me further to a specialist which takes 1-2 weeks as well.

  29. I think it really depends on where you live. I have experienced insane wait times or complete lack of ability to get help myself when I had some health issues. It was even one of the main talking points in the election, to cut down queue times for Healthcare.

  30. Sometimes things don't work out well. But from your post I get the feeling that you're struggling because you don't understand how the healthcare system works in Sweden and that can certainly create extra difficulties. We're big into doing things by the book and trying to work "against the system" in Sweden is just going to be hard.

  31. I appreciate your feedback but let me add my own experience as far as the "there is no times" part is concerned. I have struggled plenty in the past with such a situation and it can really be a nightmare even if you play it by the book. Case in point, there are no time slots to talk with the nurse to book you an appointment unless you call at 8am sharp. But if you do that, then they say there are no slots to see a doctor anyway unless you call only on Monday at 8am sharp. And when I did that, called on Monday at 8:01 they told me that it is already fully booked for the entire week. When I asked okay, what about next week then, they said that I have to call next week to try again and won't book me in advance.

  32. A lot of the GB in the current game is because of the engine, game logic, sounds etc which are gonna be relevant for the next acts as well. Moreover, as I understand it, a very large amount of content of future acts is already included but encrypted/locked/inaccessible. Perhaps and most likely the final product may require some more space but I doubt it would require a significantly larger amount.

  33. Everyone had their own opinions. Russia promised they weren’t invading. Satellite imaging from the U.S./U.K. showed forces amassing on the borders. Other NATO members (and I think Zelenskyy too) said we were causing a panic. It could’ve gone either way till the actual invasion.

  34. I am pretty sure Zelensky knew that they would invade and was preparing for it. The reason he rightfully claimed that it wouldn't happen is that it wasn't completely clear when exactly it would happen in the weeks/months leading up to the invasion and he needed his people to not panic and continue living normally to be able to support the economy.

  35. The easiest way to find out would be to ask him. I know verbal communication sounds old school, but it’s still quite effective.

  36. The integral that goes from 0 to x. The 0 and x are the limits/bounds of the integration.

  37. Think of a=b (and assume they are non zero). This is the same as a/b = 1 and b/a = 1. This is very similar to what happens in your case, just different versions of rewriting the same equation. If you were to solve it, you would get the same result no matter which method.

  38. On the one hand you shouldn't pay attention to people saying stoicism doesn't apply to today's world. If anything, the world would be a significantly better place if more people were stoics.

  39. Why is TSLA crashing today? What did I miss?

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