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  1. I don’t like the Mei line when you kill another mei and she’s like, “I hope I don’t hate me” I just really don’t like the 4th wall breaks, when fighting I just want the game to feel natural, like there’s legit lore/character interactions but, all we get is 4th wall breaks 😢

  2. …Wouldn’t two meis existing at once be unnatural already

  3. Yeah obv but, them recognizing themselves is actually so weird tbH

  4. If someone can lie about their age what else could they be lying about. This is a giant, red, blinking, red flag

  5. I think it’s fair honestly. He kept shoving your head so you bit his. If he’s disrespecting your boundaries he’s not the man to be with and that’s that.

  6. I’ll have to get a closer look to see rarity ;] I’ll send address to mail to Jk Great find! He’s very rare!

  7. We deserved more information about Jake’s life on earth (aka childhood etc) I know a deleted scene showed a lil about earth but, I wish there was more :(

  8. Matchmaking is even worse in OW2 than OW1 The SR differences on profiles (when we can actually see it) is insane

  9. Awe thank you!! It matches my bed so I got pretty lucky with that find! 💜

  10. That is so incredibly cute!! I got mine thrifting, and found a crop top that looked perfect! They’re actually twinning 💚🐸 My jumbos frog’s name is Tank

  11. That game mode genuinely was so boring lmao I tried it for 20 minutes then decided back to normal OW.

  12. I hope she feels better soon, OP def didn’t expect this response huh lmao

  13. I hope they can re-attach the hand, if it’s even possible after chainsaw damage :((

  14. i commented the measurements on another post awhile back if this helps !

  15. I’ve had my jumbo frog for a minute, wanted to know what size sleeper/onesie these guys would fit 🤔

  16. Snipers genuinely made this game boring. As a flex player I hate Widow, the only way to counterplay her is another widow. Snipers make 5v5 feel like a genuine Hellscape

  17. How cute!! Gonna wait until next paycheck for her! Hope she stays until 3rd 💕

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