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  1. Yeah, if anything their relationship seems on and off weird.

  2. I was weirded out by Squire’s former crush on Hazel. It was so gross and out-of-nowhere. 🤢

  3. They’re siblings now. Siblings crushing on each other is gross and illegal.

  4. Realistically, 5-7 I think. 7 minimum per character is just too much variation to feasibly make happen.

  5. Well, MOM’s protagonists had about 9-10 deaths each, but the variety in that game caused parts of it to feel disjointed.

  6. With games like these, there are always going to be oversites in dialogue and such, but I wouldn't say you have to play the games a certain way.

  7. When you cheat on your husband, antagonize him the whole game, and die a brutal, well-deserved death:

  8. half of the game is Eric constantly bringing up their relationship despite Rachel trying to be professional despite telling him its over and focus on survival let's not put it all on her

  9. I wouldn’t call cheating on your husband and threatening your subordinates “professionalism.”

  10. Oh my goodness, I forgot we haven't seen Ghüs yet

  11. I enjoyed "You, Me and the Apocalypse." However there is only 10 episodes. I don't think it did very well.

  12. It was definitely an interesting show, but I check out of it in the middle due to some weird writing choices, especially those of the characters.

  13. I really hope The Will doesn’t kill Petrichor. That’d be too obvious. I hope she kills him instead, but that would also be too obvious.

  14. Honestly? I think a whole lot went wrong with that game.

  15. Agreed. It was messy and I think DONTNOD knew that and just pushed it out to be done with it.

  16. Oh right. My bad. All I’m saying is Season 2 wasn’t good and neither was Twin Mirror. Heck, even True Colors was very flawed.

  17. The Dropout. It’s a limited series, but I think it kind of counts. Elizabeth and Sunny take up most of the screen time and they’re written as incredibly complex antagonists

  18. Weird answer, but I feel if you want multiple villains that all feel like their own thing and not shoved in there, you might want to take a peek at the kaiju/monster movie section

  19. Any film of the Fast and Furious franchise. It isn't just the films themselves that are taken too seriously, but the fans, too

  20. I remember being really surprised by the reveal in "Safari, So Goodi" from What's New. I thought for sure the culprit was going to be Dr. Joan Goodfew.

  21. Scooby Doo on Zombie Island. It was technically my first zombie movie and it was an actual horror tale compared to the show. Damn, I hadn’t thought about this in years

  22. Carver wasn't that evil. He did some messed up stuff but he wanted to keep his group safe. Other than Lilly who wanted to kidnap kids to make them fight at war. Carver wouldn't do stuff like that, I guess. Just said Carver because it's the most common pick for the fans, he is the best villain but not the evilest.

  23. I look like Topher but as personality totally Julia

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