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  1. supinate the wrist and flex the shoulder so he’s doing a spartan curl

  2. I use to follow her on twitter even before I had watched Destiny. I stopped following her for some reason, but i do not even know why anymore. In my head i thought she was posting some unhinged shit, but now thinking back on it she doesn't seem that unhinged. So i do not know why i had stopped following her. I remember her mime stuff but I cant even recall why I had followed her or even unfollowed her. She seems to definitely bring more to the stream than some of the previous guest we have gotten in my opinion.

  3. I'll be real with you. Those Harry Potter edits are fire and inspired me to make this edit. Thanks for makin cool shit.

  4. Also your was really good as well. I didnt know much about Tekken so i didn't know what it was at first lol.

  5. Thanks my dude. Yeh i wasn't first one to do edits but i been trying to be creative and find it cool what can be done with one basic boring thumbnail. I also post on chud logic reddit of memes of him if you ever wanna take a look. I put up one of him as Thanos yesterday lol.

  6. Should be Voldy hugging Destiny in the way he hugged Malfoy after Ruminates dogshit take on Harry Potter.

  7. i was going to make Mr redacted as voldermort but then i did not want to have the post removed or anything, so i chose not to do that .


  9. i think Chud mentioned they had in DMs or something but Chud has not actually been on this podcast as far as i know.

  10. I just aint in the mood to watch these dudes right now. I am sure they said some brain dead shit however. They probably think the only way something could be considered human trafficking is some shit like in Taken where they kidnap a girl and drug her up.

  11. i cant judge this bc all the women I had sex with were unstable, so i dont know if a stable one would be better or not.

  12. i watched the clip on Last Night on Destiny this morning. To me it just some break up drama. I am not sure who is in the wrong 100% here . Its probably most liekly both of them are being shitty to a point. I do not follow either of the people involved in this shit aside from when they come on Destiny stream. I will admit to being biased against all parties involved for different reasons. Although i do not know much about this sushi girl. Darius can be weird af when he on stream and i M not sure how much of his shit is performative versus who he actually is and with Sejin I just not a fan of his rhetoric about Destiny needing to be nicer. I just watch and listen bc it's like watching some dram show but on the internet. Ie, Degrassi or some Real Orbiter Wives of the Internet shit.

  13. I thought the same. They are saying the blood clots weirdly tho.

  14. Its just spider silk worth millions according to the donatore in sneakos chat. He donated $100 so it must he true lol

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