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  1. I sometimes drape the brisket over a rib rack, making it short enough to fit on the top grate of my 18-inch WSM. Pull the rack out after several hours of smoking/shrinking.

  2. That's a smart idea.. thanks for the suggestions. The massive portion is another hurdle to overcome without having a reason to feed 35 people

  3. It should have been baked longer and hotter for sure lol. I’m going to cube it and toast it a little more for Panzanella. It needed more salt in the dough as well

  4. I recommend making the Ligurian focaccia recipe from salt fat acid heat. You make a 'brine' out of salt and water and pour it over the entire dough before baking and the result is perfect saltiness throughout the entire bread. I'll never make it another way again.

  5. I’d say all the time, but how we think about them thinks about the context you mentioned

  6. Exactly, in most situations I'm consciously thinking about keeping my body from pressing into them

  7. I used a mix- 2 to 1 of traeger coffee rub and prime rub.

  8. It's a 12 month placement at a celebrity resort and they cover travel and presumably room and board. I don't think you're really struggling at the job or worry about selling books while there. They want people who can charm the celebs and blog about it, not people who want to make 5% per book sold.

  9. I'm pretty new to smoking meat, I've only been doing it for a few months now. I've used maple a few times (the Canadian-urge to purchase maple wood was too strong) and hickory just once.

  10. Thats pretty cool! Being in Northern Canada we don't get any hardwoods up here really, but there are maple shrubs and certain types of chokecherry trees. I've always been very curious to try them out

  11. Janet Jackson "wardrobe malfunction" during the Superbowl I was like 10 years old at the time it was the very first boob I saw lol

  12. I was probably the same age, sitting 5 feet away from a big screen TV. When boys become men amirite?

  13. This is where I get my printers from. For filament try in Canada. They make my bulk filament orders in any color I ask. Good price and quick service

  14. I will never understand the extent of the worship people throw at the wealthy

  15. There was a good 3 to 5 years when Elon first came to spotlight where he wasn't a total piece of shit. He's doing a speedrun to the villain phase

  16. Hold View 1 and view 3 together then hit view 2 at the select vehicle screen and you'll get more choices.

  17. I don't think it would be bad. If he listens to the songs already then he's already exposed in that sense and Post Malone is not one to have explicit shows in any other terms. Why not check out some videos on YouTube.

  18. Most people would agree with you, customer facing jobs are brutal. You can try finding one that's not customer facing, but the grass inst always greener. Office/desk jobs can be boring and have long days.

  19. That's true, I'd love to work outdoors I think, except i'm definitely not a builder-wolf-whistling-at-passing-women type lol

  20. Lol I was thinking more environmental related or parks & recreation. Something relatively chill but rewarding

  21. Romantic relationships are way more mentally taxing than friendly relationships. Consider that when she answers her friend right away it's because it's probably a lighter, less meaningful chit chat and therefore easier to just quickly respond to.

  22. So this is 10 pounds of pork belly, wet cured, and smoked with apple wood on charcoal in my 26" kettle. I decided to hand slice thick pieces this time. Turns out, 5-6 slices per pound on average.

  23. I did something similar on accident. We had a chuck roast vac sealed in the freezer for every bit of two years. Wife was determined to throw it out, I convinced her to let me smoke it instead since I was doing some pork butts anyway.

  24. I was inspired by this video by allthingsbbq. Only did mine for about 4 hours total because guests were getting hungry but it was still incredible. Great smokey beef flavor and keeping it simple with just onions and pickles is amazing

  25. Did my first tri tip Saturday night for my wife and a couple friends. She gave me weird looks for going to buy this 2.3# roast to smoke. Never had it before, nor tried it before. Smoked it to 120 and seared both sides for 30 seconds each. Melted as you bit into it.

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