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  1. Wait until they reveal the shiny and it’s black. No one’s gonna be calling it wiglett.

  2. I just wish those 4 guys would do a monthly show together, where once a month, they just square off in vs games, be it video game or irl.... Grumps vs SuperMega

  3. Ehhh I don’t think Dan is very fond of the Supermega boys since they publicly outed the fact that he wears a wig

  4. Supermega, since leaving Game Grumps, have constantly mentioned that Dan’s hair is fake in multiple let’s plays and episodes of their podcast. There’s a reason they don’t collaborate and the Grumps don’t talk to them any more. Dan is very self-conscious of his balding and how it would effect his music career, and even told Arin to withhold their final paychecks out of spiteful anger. This is of course just a funny bit and not true at all

  5. It’s a character but at this point I’m concerned that it’s actually taken over his actual personality after doing it so much.

  6. It killed me that the one time he cracked up and nearly broke character was the bacon onion and radish sandwich

  7. I am incredibly disappointed that they did not stumble upon

  8. What’s even better is that the actor that provided the live action body shots for Steve, Kurt Kistler, was arrested in 2010 for child porn. He always was kidder that Steve

  9. Arin is not patient enough for this game. I want Oney Plays to finish it, but this is hard to watch when he’s using a guide to rush through it

  10. Harry Potter role play. Not sure if it’s underrated but I need more of harassing the online try-hard sweater guys

  11. Gonna go post this to the page be right back

  12. Instead of being a healthy rational person, I choose to make a post shitting on others venting on a Reddit sub just so I can feel superior and circlejerk for karma

  13. GTA 6 looks like a trash mobile game Edit: downvotes, really? SMH did anyone watch this video? These guys wasted money paying the hacker to access the code smh my head

  14. tbh this kinda looks like a mix corey and lyle.

  15. The kind that the big mouths go crazy for, with that new fangled solid crystal bait

  16. They weren’t photoshopped, Justin is just getting lazy at editing and leaving the ball shots in the videos

  17. I haven't finished today's episode so maybe he says it outright, but in the past he's described furry porn as not seeing it any differently than human porn. Given that most furry porn is around levels 3-4, wouldn't that make him around that level too?

  18. Mpj and Murray better help him average those 10 Apg after this dream off-season. Presented the mvp at his stable followed by getting to play for Serbia this summer, plus he’s looking pretty athletic as if he could improve more. Luka and Giannis will definitely be giving him a run for his money but if averages a triple double and gets a 1 seed how would he not be the 3xMVP

  19. "I just ignored (the comments) and thought it'd be funnier to torture you guys." (In regards to knowing that there was a button that could save time that commenters tried to tell Arin and Dan about.)

  20. Lol have you been on freeways in Memphis 2022?

  21. Another post from OP “TIL not everyone drives a car that is in perfect condition” /s

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