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  1. Patience? It’s quite a lot of money and I cannot even see it. With all the stuff that has happened with so called legit exchanges recently I think I have every right to “knee jerk”.

  2. Honestly for a pgce I wouldn’t go just for the name alone - you’re going to get a job wherever you go

  3. This is also why it was so dumb. I knew some rich kids whose parents had retired early, therefore technically earnt no money, and these kids got the full EMA allowance as a result.

  4. They didn’t factor in their parents pension into household income? Seems odd because it definitely counts towards things like student finance

  5. Don’t want to be that person but loss of interest in things + lack of focus sounds a bit like depression or anxiety - if you experience any of the other symptoms of these, you might wanna try talking to someone.

  6. Thanks for all the helpful comments! I ended up trying my luck just before 7 and it was OK, fair few spaces but wouldn’t have been many after 7. Next time I will book my ticket from Parkway so I’m not forced to rock up so early…

  7. Are they not both considered normal and a waste of time? Not that wasting time is a bad thing - we don’t have to be doing something productive or worthwhile for all of our waking ours - downtime is good!

  8. You're unlikely to find people willing to lend you money until you're in regular employment with a stable living situation.

  9. Seems a bit bizarre that the uni doesn't allow you to work, as most of the people I knew that worked were because they wanted or needed additional income. If it's to do with your workload, 20 hours or so a week might be possible, as I did 24 hours (three 8 hour shifts) and still had enough time to do whatever other stuff I wanted to do.

  10. I honestly barely have any free time at the moment - between 6-8 hours on each problem sheet (which need to be submitted), of which I have 5 a week, 10 hours of lectures, 5 hours of tutorials, and then I need to find the time to cook / eat / sleep, and that’s before I take part in any societies / see friends or just have some down time. And then I also need to be preparing for exams.

  11. The Comedy Box & Chops on North St, I think there’s one in The North St Standard too, The Comedy Den on Gloucester Road, Oppo in Clifton, Joke & Mirrors on Denmark St etc.

  12. That’s the venue, Joke & Mirrors is the comedy night.

  13. I think a lot of students have exams in week 9 (the week after June 17th), so not as many will be moving out then. Don’t know how that will affect you being able to visit colleges.

  14. Potentially, but most trains have working plugs so I've never hit that issue whereas hardly any buses have even the usb sockets yet

  15. really? all the buses i get in bristol have working usb sockets - maybe i’m just lucky with the route i’m on

  16. If it were me, my main deciding factor would be whether I wanted to live in Leeds to Lancaster. I imagine the two cities are quite different.

  17. for the year, i should get full loan and a new grant for every year my household income stays low (however i only get the grant to help with rent for my first year)

  18. 15k a year should be more than enough? I’m at a different, but similarly expensive, uni outside of london and get a total of 12k a year from maintenance loan + bursary. I dont work, not using any savings or anything, and if anything I have too much money - I’m not particularly frugal & am living very comfortably (i.e. I regularly go out, can afford takeaways / meals out when I want to, buy nicer food from supermarkets rather than just whatever’s cheapest, etc), and I still have a very healthy bank balance! I can even afford to put a good chunk of money each month into savings.

  19. There’s a difference between literally not being able to wait in line, and finding it annoying / not wanting to.

  20. Incredibly unfit, younger me who didn’t cycle very much managed the same distance in about an hour with 0 prep. I’m sure you can manage it in 2 months.

  21. Frankly, if you were incapable of finding the enthusiasm or interest to study independently for computer science compared to your other subjects, I doubt you will have the enthusiasm or interest to study it at degree level. There is a difference between liking the idea of a subject and the subjecy itself.

  22. But also CS is one of those subjects that is very different at degree level than at A-Level


  24. Tbf i agree that it’s far fetched that parents are sending their kids to school to sell vapes for them - but schools definitely have a few kids that help ‘supply’ everyone with vapes with the aim of making some money.

  25. If you’ve any idea where she bought them, report the shop to Trading Standards. They can and do investigate and take action.

  26. I see teenagers in the corner shop showing pictures of their ID on snapchat, presumably with the date changed, and they accept it every time.

  27. When I was a young (and very unfit) teenager, I managed it in just over an hour on a not particularly fast bike - with a road bike or even an ebike, and with better fitness (which you either already have, or will have after doing this commute for a while), you could probably quite easily do it in an hour or even less.

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