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  1. or he could ask his friend to pee on it

  2. Really, this. I wanted to see the hinge detail and how it didn't interfere with the cove around it.

  3. We are living in truly fucked up times. Who knew the 21st Century was going to be this? Instead of an age of technological advancement and enlightenment, we have orange Rumpelstilskin and a Bond villain running around leading everyone into an idiocracy.

  4. 8 million is not enough. It should have doubled for every year they stalled the civil lawsuit.

  5. Yeah it’s insane how he kept swearing he would love to release his taxes, but he supposedly couldn’t because they were “under audit”… and then he spent years in court fighting to keep them from being released, and none of his supporters gave a shit about the obvious lie

  6. This is EXACTLY what the founders of this country warned us about. NEVER OPEN THE DOOR! If they have a warrant they are coming in anyway. NEVER TALK TO THEM! Typical unprofessional pieces of shit.

  7. Cool. What's the purpose of those protrusions that are made around the 1:10 mark? Is it so they can roll on their sides without having the entire length of the barrel touching the ground?

  8. We give Israel foreign aid and they have universal healthcare and we don't. Got it. Time to get rid of all the old white guys that run (own) this country.

  9. Wow. We do not give them anything. It is American corporate welfare. It is to give corporations lots of money.

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