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Nebraska lawmaker 3 weeks into filibuster over trans bill

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  1. Incredible how many people support Putin, and are willing to fling an entire democratic country into the Russian gulag. Its like a worldwide rush to authoritarian dictatorship.

  2. Anything in retail, fast food, grocery, food service, etc.

  3. Why do new GE breakers look like they've been thrown around the bottom of the service van for years?

  4. Crazy how every other advanced nation has some form of national health care. 500,000 families EVERY YEAR go bankrupt because someone in their family gets seriously ill. It does not occur in any other nation, just in the greatest nation on earth.

  5. The other day I decided to watch All The Presidents Men. I then went down a rabbit hole with documentaries... Not much changes, Nixons people lied for him and tried to protect him. Even after Nixons ship was sinking he still had supporters defending him.

  6. The Attorney General of the UNITED STATES, Nixon's Chief of Staff and personal attorney all went to jail. The republican party of law and order continues today.

  7. And Republican presidents Obama and Biden bail out banks any chance they get. Oh wait

  8. Thats the rub, no administration wants to be in office when wall street collapses the economy.

  9. Never forget, Bill Gates was born on third base thinking he hit a triple, and although he probably wouldn’t have “richest person in the world FU money” if Microsoft had failed, he’s never had to worry about working a minimum wage job for less money than needed to survive.

  10. Yeah, and the totally hilarious parts are those about burger-flipping and anything to do with parents...

  11. This thought process is how they get away with fucking us. They (and you, here) pretend that there are only two options and everyone is a hypocrite who dislikes them. In reality, people have been screaming to move it back to a speaking filibuster the whole time and the people who ignore them are the old farts too physically unfit to actually do it with the regularity they use it now.

  12. Correct. Constitutionally, it only takes 51 votes to pass a law. Or at least, that's what that singing piece of legislation told me in school. The current form of the filibuster has end-arounded the Constitution to functionally require 2/3rds to pass any meaningful bill.

  13. The filibuster needs to go. Any form. It stops any progress, and allows senators to hide behind it, and not publicly take a vote

  14. The debate has already happened. Gender affirming care for trans kids produces positive outcomes and has been endorsed by basically every relevant medical organization.

  15. The number one killer of children in America is guns and bullets, and the filibuster will continue that.

  16. I don't live on Nebraska, but are there gun control laws being proposed in Nebraska that she is forestalling for this? The only one I could find would allow for permitless concealed carry, which is going the wrong way to protecting kids from guns.

  17. I was speaking to the use of the filibuster in general, not to this specific filibuster for youth gender care.

  18. Hate! Woke! Woke! Hate! That's his platform.

  19. This is the REAL way authoritarians maintain power. Sure, they overtly attack opponents. That can range from harassment to extermination, depending on how far it goes. But the MAIN THING they rely on is that the potential for attack stifles any possibility of future opposition.

  20. Changing the composition of the Senate would require a constitutional amendment, so it’s unlikely to ever happen.

  21. All we end is 50 senators, so no need to change the composition of anything, just eliminating a filibuster rule that is nowhere in our constitution

  22. I thought you were arguing for “actual democracy” in the Senate. With a 50-50 make up in the senate

  23. I should have said representative democracy, but still, your problem is unequal population, and the filibuster is not in the constitution. Let the winners, chosen by the people, enact their policies, for a change, and not hide behind an agreement. It is not tyranny. I have to go to work, but thank you for the healthy debate, and I'll see you on the next one.🙂

  24. We haven't had a legitimate war since 1941. All the men and women killed or wounded in a "war" since did so to aid a politician, not to defend our country.

  25. I think it looks good, and it looks like the door swings into the conduit, so nobody's going to trip

  26. Sorry, eliminate the filibuster. You can have a debate, but after some time, take the vote. The people have spoken, and implement their policies with a majority vote. Dont be afraid of self governance and democracy.

  27. My Dad was like this, he thought it was funny watching me struggle with shit. I don't talk to my Dad much anymore. "Can't take a joke" is just the answer when called out for being an ass. Hazing needs to die as well

  28. You're not teaching anybody anything. If you already showed or worked with him to see rigid has threads and emt doesn't it would be funny. Forcing someone to figure shit out on their own to post videos is just asshole.

  29. “Of my own personal fortune” as if we should all be familiar with such things as having personal fortunes.

  30. THIS is why I always disagreed with getting rid of the filibuster.

  31. Nah, it's why we need the talking filibuster. If you believe the legislation for everyone is so bad it cannot be risked to reach a vote, you had better prove that.

  32. Disagree, the people voted in their government, and deserve to implement their policies.

  33. I disagree, I like healthy debate on an issue, but if the people voted in Christian fascists or progressive democrats, after an appropriate amount of time, a vote will be taken.

  34. Wasn't it the Democrats who just broke the rail strike? Who do you claim we should vote for?

  35. Thats because most Americans would not support the strike. They would complain and cry. Inflation would increase, and then the Democrats will be voted out.

  36. The Democrats will be voted out because they have nothing to offer other than that they are not Donald Trump. They are functionally the same party.

  37. Wow, the differences between the 2 parties is vast and completely obvious. You may be referring to corporate dems and old school repubs, then I would tend to agree.

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