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  1. So is there a chance the strike is still going to happen tomorrow?

  2. nah. School is on for tomorrow and for the next 2 weeks I presume. Looks like this deal will go to a vote between thursday and sunday and then if it's voted down, negotiations start again and I guess the whole "intent to strike" clock starts again? not sure... but regardless. Schools are open tomorrow.

  3. Yes there is a member vote and yes the membership can vote against it, it's not unheard of. But generally the union negotiation team has a "pulse" on what the membership would consider acceptable so when they get to that point its usually safe to consider it an agreement for the sake of an announcement.

  4. Sounds like the union is taking this deal to the members because of a bunch of push back from workers, internally who the union represents saying they want to vote on this deal because they can't afford a work stoppage. The union president said herself that she does not like the deal. I really wouldn't be surprised if it doesn't get approved.

  5. Gibson LP tributes and LPJ's. Used market is a good place to look

  6. Yeah, I started at 22/23 and met plenty of other people who were my age and older. You're still young enough to be part of the social scene and have the full work hard/play hard experience if you want it, without looking out of place. IMO jump in with both feet!

  7. Wow, what time was this at? I live around there but didn't hear anything.

  8. Anyone who isn’t in a union currently dislikes unions, me included . On one hand you have people who work hard and are fireable if they don’t preform. And on the other hand you have union labour who have made a system where they barely work hard because of union rules. Perfect example is the TTC union. Go watch a worksite and tell me you aren’t pissed off seeing 6 guys standing around 1 guy working. 1 guy to watch the guy watching the guy whos suppose to watch the guy who swings the hammer and 3 more to make sure he doesn’t hit his thumb. It’s hard for the population who aren’t part of unions who work hard and contribute to building Ontario’s economy to not see unions as self serving leeches of tax money and capital . Personally I lost any confidence in unions because of the Tdsb teachers union . The amount of terrible teachers who didn’t give af who kept there jobs because of union protection throughout my education was astounding . If teachers want more money the bar for education and teaching quality needs to be higher. How do you achieve a higher bar ? You make teachers accountable for their actions. Teachers should fear there clients just like any other profession. There clients are their students.

  9. I see what you see and have felt what you feel but this is a shitty, tunnel visioned take.

  10. Very cool, there have been reports of small mountain lions and bobcats in southern Ontario before but it's pretty rare. I go for runs on the north lake trail often and have never seen one. A bald eagle is the coolest animal I've seen in 5 years or so.

  11. I think I heard that. Was it like rapid fire? I thought it was a motorcycle for a second but the sound didn't sustain for long.

  12. Congrats! Also, How do you like the fender acoustic 100? I just ordered one

  13. You plan on applying to pick up the slack there, bud?

  14. That burgundy mist 50th anniversary Jag is one of my dream guitars. Congrats on the amp!

  15. Awesome. Just missing Brodeur I think.

  16. There were 2 years of these in 95 and 96. I cant remember how the sets were divided but I'm pretty sure there's a Beezer - Panthers, Ranford Bruins (and next year Oilers), and whoever played for the sens... Rhodes? Might even be more, not sure.

  17. I've had one of the older gen presidents with the wood handle for 12 years or so and it's been a total workhorse for me! I use the 30 size and it's never strained to handle some fish well above it's weight class. You made a good choice!

  18. I really dig it! Love the felt. It's kinda screaming for a lace up collar but this is pretty clean.

  19. I went to school With this kid. Always mocked and made fun of the disabled kids, and was the loudmouth. He’s completely perfect for a politician, because he’s a complete idiot

  20. I believe this. Not that he gives much on his FB page but for some reason he strikes me as the kind of guy who peaked in high school before boys became men and just desperately wants that attention back. Running for mayor was supposed to be...a joke?

  21. Meh, that patch was my childhood and represents the last time the team made a real run. I’m sure a lot of people who grew up in the 90s and early aughts have good memories with it.

  22. I'm a 90's kid born in the later half of the 80's and I have more sentimentality towards the old CCM jerseys from the Gilmour/Clark/Potvin era even though those teams did a lot of nothing after the early 90's runs. You're right that the last time they made any sort of run the TML patch was in rotation but never on the 3rd jerseys of the era, at least. I'd personally like to see the 3rd's brought back like in the link above but with a blue body and white yokes and stripes. We shall see.

  23. Lol I'm born in '88 and cant remember anything before '92. But alright, first time for everything i guess.

  24. The elevator in the downtown Barrie Green P is 100 percent haunted

  25. Haunted by the stench of old piss and cigarettes

  26. Lol. It only affects a small number of people, really, trying to get to work. Yes, minorly annoying, but ffs people died. Relax and have some compassion, right??

  27. Just to be clear. The "/S" at the end of my post implies sarcasm. But yes, I agree with you. As much as it doesn't feel like it sometimes, we're all privileged to be here on the right side of the soil. Condolences to the families left to pick up the pieces.

  28. Can't go to that these days unless you've got custom shop money to spend.

  29. I bought a Squier Standard Strat from 2001 for 300 canadian in Sherwood with a maple neck this past summer. I'd been looking intentionally for one for a while though. The green is darker than the current version of sherwood which to me reflects a bit more like a dark teal or tidepool...

  30. We used to line up and either aim for closest to the wall or closest to a chalk line and the winner gets to keep all the losing crazy bones. There were a lot of fights and tears on the playground until they got banned. Good times though! Lost all of mine in a move years later.

  31. Something to keep in mind is that there's a huge capacity for housing supply surrounding the main cities in Alberta as opposed to a place like Toronto which loses all the potential development space to the south because of the lake. Couple that with the greenbelt to the north and a deliberate slow drip release of housing supply in the GTA and you get the prices of today. I just don't see how Alberta traces Ontario's historical rise without those major factors, so, I'd stay modest about potential returns.

  32. Troll post or not. Pizza Pizza is best served cold and a day old from the fridge. The 2 day vintage is even better, IMO. Best leftover pizza in the league.

  33. Echoing others, not a huge fan of the sign, but also not a fan of the low brow graffiti in this town. Not entirely wrong but I wish it was more about the art form and not some schmuck named DV8 telling me to "love more" by defacing somebody's mailbox...

  34. The current song is soffft. Furthermore, I feel whoever selects the songs for leafs video montages and tributes has some pretty lame taste as well. With all due respect to U2 fans, but get that shit out of the barn. Obviously this is just my opinion but I find most selections neither nostalgic nor on trend. Change it up. all of it.

  35. Mainly acoustic and electric guitars for about 20 years! Beginner/basic piano and drums.

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