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  1. ...and as that decade closed, he then starred in an R rated film with a topless woman and then strippers dancing on cars.

  2. You and I watched very different edits of the Christmas Chronicles.

  3. The "Best Damned Roofer" likes spreading hate speech in the area. Here, he calls someone a slur and fails to even use the correct Star Wars character. Java the Hut, WTF? Who else has such low self-confidence that they feel compelled to reply to comments about them and boasts of having what twenty homes at this time?

  4. See the thing is that he presents all tough but really he's very afraid.

  5. Half the point of doing it is shutting down schools. In many locales, two partially-full schools will be on the same block or across the street from each other because each board needs a school in the neighbourhood.

  6. PhD in Educational Policy here, whose dissertation focused on Ontario school funding.

  7. You can call your insurance company and request to file a dispute against that provider. This assumes you have dental insurance. They will educate the provider and instruct them not to try to continue to collect on this fraudulent fee.

  8. Your insurer doesn't give two fucks if they rip you off for something that is not billed to them.

  9. Don't get yer peepee caught if the bolt slams home

  10. Only if you put a couple of mags through it first

  11. What are the statistics? Cars injure more than 100 000 every year in Ontario alone.

  12. Nobody tracks pedestrian/cyclist injuries because there's no insurance motivation

  13. How exactly there's no insurance motivation if an injury happened?

  14. Because auto insurers require police reports for accidents, you're legally obligated to report accidents. They can be tracked.

  15. Bottomline is the upfront costs of aligning all the unions, addressing which schools to keep open and which to collapse, and the real kicker - which trustees to let go, has created a serious buffer beyond your traditional ranting from both sides.

  16. Consolidating Catholic and public boards would not save much money. Among the biggest expenses would be the consultation required for renaming every Catholic school, creating new signage and stationary, etc.

  17. Better them than people who went to bottom-ranked predatory schools, I'd say. These law schools only accept the best legal minds in the nation.

  18. Those law schools only take the students who are best on a single high-speed test. For a career that, with the exception of litigation, is almost entirely conducted in a methodical and deliberate fashion.

  19. It's a niche practice. Personal injury law, tax law, family law, municipal law, constitutional law, commercial law, internstional law, real estate law, etc etc

  20. It is how the system should work. People can't raise families here when one person is occupying a third of an acre.

  21. But does that 10 per cent tax hike help improve affordability? No. All it does is allow the city to take control, sell to a corporation who will raise price of same home to $1 million. Look at new housing in this city. Worse than BC.

  22. Nobody is taking control of anything. Nobody is foreclosing on them, they're selling their house and making a goddamned killing.

  23. I used to be a server and this fact was one I kept having to bite my tongue on when I was at the table. So many times people would just cast aside the chef’s recommended temperature for burgers and steaks at medium (of course they can say otherwise, it’s just part of the spiel we had to say)

  24. I agree with most of what you say: if you're eating somewhere where the staff would know, trust them.

  25. The short-ish answer: In Canada, car insurance is a provincial jurisdiction and an alphabet soup of provincial and private insurance providers depending on which province you are registering the vehicle / residing. Ontario residents consider Ontario private (no public system) to have ridiculously high rates for coverage provided. As a result, any political party running for provincial government will have a policy regarding lowering rates. At this point that promise is somewhere between meme and election platform template item that comes as a default.

  26. Yeah. But do they fuck up more or less than a lesser educated nurse?

  27. For the health and happiness of a beautiful family, please don't ever have food in your tent. Not the cooler. Not the ziplock. Not the used napkin.

  28. As if anyone who could afford those apartments would live anywhere near there. The guy is both an idiot and a dreamer, as well as an asshole, if he thinks his bullshit will fly with people who have enough money to buy luxury condos.

  29. Every one of those units will be rented out instantly.

  30. Neither of those is a Hebrew Hammer, which is a Jericho 941

  31. "ChatGPT, show me the image a date rapist who works out of Denny's"

  32. The real story: you had a bad acid trip, hallucinated that you were a bear, and attacked a beehive to get some honey

  33. You look like you could be Peter Dinklage's stunt double

  34. This is just like the Knife law in Ontario. I remember growing up and hearing all different stories about legal knife size. However the fact of the matter is, there is no law that specifies a legal knife size. You can carry a 6ft Scottish claymore if you want, however you must be able to explain why you are carrying it... and for self-defense is not a reason the law accepts.

  35. That tint checker needs to be recalibrated or replaced there's no way a factory windows blocks the much light.

  36. Yup. Did this for an engine from a junkyard that was out of time when I received it. Engine was sold as used tested, running. They responded and said they would come get it and process a refund. After a few weeks I called again and they said they were going to come get it. After about a month I filed the dispute and about 3 months after the start I had my money back and an out of time engine. Fixed the timing and it ran so I swapped it in. Free $2000 engine because they didn't want to come pick it up

  37. I mean, it ran just until the connecting rods snapped...

  38. Assassins in that universe must also be starved for work if they accept a bounty in such numbers for the most legendary assassin of all times.

  39. This has been my friends and my joke since the first movie.

  40. My wife and I have a 1965 17 ft Aristocrat. Not even self contained. One time when we were camping this family pulled up to the next campground in a giant diesel truck with a trailer that pretty much blocked out the sun. Set their blocks,opened their slide outs and cracked open beers for everyone. They had a giant tv built into the side of the trailer that shone directly into our window that they left on 24/7. Got all the 3 wheelers out of another trailer that was with them and they left and didn’t come back till late at night. Where they proceeded to party up! My wife and I left the next day to find somewhere else to camp. It was too bad because we liked the campsite.

  41. When I have situations like that, I like to make a peace offering to the people I am leaving. I try to be thoughtful and generous.

  42. That's a no thank you from me. If I want to be that close to people, I'll stay home with my neighbors.

  43. Fuck, my neighbors aren't that tightly packed and I really like almost all of them!

  44. Did the police fire rounds at the suspect?

  45. The police know whether the police fired rounds to a far higher degree of certainty than they know the suspect fired rounds.

  46. Two different police units .. Hamilton police vs SIU.

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