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Impostor terrifies poor crewmate in VR

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  1. I haven't turned mine off in months and it's still on full.

  2. Civ, terraria, the old ffvii and ffvii games are great. Ive mostly just been using mine as an emulator tbh haha.

  3. On that game no, I preferred to ask for extraction and do better next time

  4. Lmao fair enough. Haven't had the chance to play yet, super excited to.

  5. Are the previous seasons content still available to unlock?

  6. Not at this time but I think this was plenty of generosity beyond what I could ever deserve. I have plenty of SD cards kicking around.

  7. Self love dude. You're always deserving of this, and more.

  8. This got my friends and I through the first stages of covid. I made so many new friends because of this game that I'll never forget

  9. I think the idea being floated is it uses atmospheric drag and lift on an elliptical orbit to change course.

  10. This sentence turned me on and I wasn't expecting that.

  11. Congrats and welcome! you picked a perfect date as this is the second day of having snow on the ground haha. Depending on what you feel like later - Burger Royale is our fave burger/chicken sandwich place to order from. We also really like The Mexican House, Jey's Burritos or Jimmy Chews for pizza! All are available on Uber Eats.

  12. Mexican house lamb quesadillas, put it in my veins.

  13. Hey any luck with this by chance? Just running in to this issue now too.

  14. Nope it sucks trying to play it on the TV because of it not working for whatever reason

  15. Right on. Sorry man. If I figure something out I'll let you know.

  16. Mavericks in Barrhaven is nice. People there are nice too.

  17. I was 2 of those, hahah. Completed regular version when it came to pc and now finishing director's cut, also on pc, hahahh

  18. Same here. Got it release day, took 3 days off work and practically slept on the couch.

  19. Friend for Christmas, I think. Well done. It's been nice seeing this come along the last while.

  20. I dont understand what any of this means

  21. Ishizu Tearlaments are a tier 0 deck (meaning is has an absurd showing in the higher levels of play, as an example it was 26/32 spots on top cut today at YCS Pasadena) that was very dominant in the OCG, and is now dominating the TCG as well. Duel Links, the truncated, Speed Duel-styled yugioh game, sleeps bc it physically will never experience this.

  22. Oh perfect! Thank you! Sorry I'm just coming back to the scene after 10 years so I am missing a lot of terminology.

  23. I saw something about using tea light candles too

  24. I remember playing the first game when it originally came out. I played it at a friend's house, then I begged my parents to buy me my own copy. I spent a lot of time playing skirmishes, not so much on the story.

  25. Same story here, I feel you. I still hear my friend Daniels monk army shouting "wololo". Was what got me in to turn based and real time strategy.

  26. I was like what? Why is this tagged NSF... OH JESUS

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